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The Types Of Content Marketing

Everyday web users access sites, blogs, and social networks to obtain information and news; to reach them, you need to rely on content marketing: here are the most effective types. Digital Marketing techniques and strategies evolve quickly. In a short period, new communication channels and new tools to be used were born. Just think of the recent rise of TikTok and platforms that have captured the attention of younger audiences. In this context, the content remains a prominent place for all people who access the internet and those who want to promote a business, an organization, an event, or their skills online. Users log on to the web to view content. 

They seek information, entertainment, news, curiosities, and material to train and increase the knowledge they possess. They do this through social media, blogging, or search engines. Companies, aware of how individuals use online resources, can intercept their attention by providing them with what they need or interests them. The production of content in digital marketing cannot be improvised. Still, it must be the result of a careful study of the context, the target, and the competition, a strategy developed with great attention and precise and punctual planning. Many types of content can be created that the web user may want to access. To choose the most suitable one, you must consider the type of channel to use, its characteristics and peculiarities, what is best suited to convey the message you want to send, and the tastes and habits of your target audience.

Types Of Content Marketing

Not just text but also photographs, graphics, videos, podcasts, audio, infographics, gifs, memes, and a combination of multimedia elements. Companies can choose from a wide range of types of content to communicate with their audience according to their needs and predispositions. A first distinction of the types of content marketing can be made based on the purpose for which the content is created. There are those designed to entertain web users, which leverage people’s emotional side to attract their attention and offer moments of lightheartedness. When done well, the contents elicit numerous interactions and quickly go viral. Among the most used formats are videos, images, posts on social networks, memes, and gamification activities. 

The contents that aim to educate the user try to stimulate his more rational side. They are used to show the authority of the brand, of a company, or a professional in a specific sector. For example, you can use white papers, ebooks, blog posts, or organize webinars. Numerous educational content can be found on the web. They must constantly be updated, concrete, precise and valuable for the user who accesses them.  Inspiring content can be created, involving people’s emotions through constructing a narrative about the company or organization. These include the ‘about us’ pages or reviews. Users need to be persuaded to take action to achieve a business goal. Some content is created specifically to push people to convert with logic-based reasoning. Case studies, reports, charts, and infographics can help you achieve a good result.

Content Marketing On Social Media

On average, there are 4.62 billion active users on social networks worldwide, according to the Global Digital Reports of 2022. It is easy to understand how, with these premises, social platforms have become the most powerful content distribution tool. Today, users, companies, and organizations publish photographs, videos, stories, and audio recordings on social networks. Some contents go unnoticed, while others win people’s attention and lead them toward a conversion. To implement an effective content marketing strategy on social networks, it is necessary to consider each platform’s characteristics, a different and specific audience, and the most suitable types of content.

Facebook allows you to publish text posts accompanied by images and videos. It has a mainly adult audience, actively interacts with the companies on the platform, and searches for information and news. It’s good to share short, concise messages and take full advantage of the power of multimedia elements. Instagram and Pinterest emphasize visual content, especially images while allowing videos to be published. The latter find ample space on TikTok, the platform preferred by the new generations. On Linkedin and, in particular, on Twitter, texts of different lengths are used to carry out corporate and personal branding activities. Texts, images, and videos can be combined to convey clear and engaging messages.

Audio Content

Podcasts are having great success. More and more users use this content to entertain themselves, get information, and train. For this reason, more and more companies and freelancers have begun to take an interest in them and produce them. They allow you to give vent to creativity and can be used by many different realities because they allow you to deal with many issues in depth.

By constantly publishing them and finding interesting topics to propose, you will create an audience ready to listen to messages of all kinds and receive any suggestions and indications. The length of podcasts varies depending on the audience and what you want to say. It is advisable not to exceed 20-40 minutes, after which the listener’s attention level drops drastically. The audio must be quality, and there must be no background noise. It is good to use good recording equipment.

Content For Blogs And Websites

On websites and blogs, you can find many types of content: images, videos, infographics, documents, ebooks, and texts. The latter can be optimized through SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) techniques to allow users to find them quickly when needed. The construction of textual content for a site or a blog must be preceded by a study of the keywords used and the web users’ search intent. All the necessary strategies must be applied to allow the site pages to position themselves in the best possible way on search engines.  

SEO is essential in content marketing strategies. Increase website traffic without having to invest money in advertising. It favors an increase in the visibility and awareness of brands. Blogs are a great tool to promote your business and spread articles on other platforms through social buttons. With internal and external links, you can guide readers, propose their content from authoritative sources, or direct them to the product sheets or purchase pages.

Videos And Infographics

Many consumers view videos to learn more about a brand, service, or product. Companies use them to transmit their values, tell their story and show the qualities that distinguish them from the competition. The most famous companies and creators produce high-quality videos. It would help if you had suitable lights and a camera that guarantees good performance to win over the public.

Videos can help increase conversions, improve return on investment (ROI), and increase audience interactions. They can be shared on almost any social network, but the most used platform is, without a shadow of a doubt, YouTube. Infographics are handy for realities dealing with very technical topics and leveraging the user’s rationality to convince him to take action. They show data and information transparently. They are composed of a mix of numbers, short texts, and images. 

Email And Other Types Of Content

Email marketing remains, even today, one of the most effective strategies for achieving business objectives. Through emails, it is possible to convey different types of content and propose them to suitably targeted users. A good email must be taken care of in all its parts: the subject, the salutation, the way to approach the user, the body of the text, the multimedia elements, the links, and the calls to action. If well structured, it can produce a reasonable conversion rate. In addition to emails, newsletters, blog posts, and those on social networks, many other types of content can be found on the web. The most popular are lists, interviews, polls, guest posts, ebooks, and questionnaires.

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