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The Problem, Agitate, Solve: The Formula Of Copywriting & Marketing

PAS stands for problem, agitate, solve. Identify an issue dear to your target, shake it up, and then solve it with your product or service. This way, you can write the winning body copy above the fold. This is one of the copywriting techniques dear to web marketing that you absolutely must know: PAS. That is, problem, agitate, solve. This way, you can truly engage the people who read your content. And push them towards your desires.

I’m not talking about magic formulas and tricks to sell more using trigger words. This combination of critical steps allows you to use copywriting psychology in your favor. It will be essential to create winning landing pages. But the problem, agitate, solution technique is also used to write an incipit to your articles. Here’s how to use PAS to write compelling copy and increase conversions.

What Is The PAS Formula In Copywriting

The Problem Agitate Solve (PAS) formula is a copywriting technique that can be adapted to strategic contexts. It is based on a principle: people need solutions to problems. And you can use them in your favor. What are the stages of the PAS technique?

  1. P = Identify the problem.
  2. A = Shake it up, making it dramatic.
  3. S = Solve with your product or service.

This works well with landing pages, sales letters, flyers, brochures, or any other tool that needs the best sales techniques to increase revenue. The Problem Agitate Solve formula will guide readers toward conversions.

Why Is The PAS Technique Effective?

This mechanism is based on a cognitive bias that leads people to confirm beliefs and irrational choices through documents that corroborate the thesis. So, if we are afraid of something, we must read up and calm down. The PAS formula works on this front, awakens fear, and resolves it. To make everything work, however, you have to add other elements to everything:

  1. Main promise.
  2. Tagline.
  3. Headline.
  4. Hero shot.
  5. Copy strategy.

In general, the PAS model is used to create sales pages, letters, and articles, which is necessary to develop an effective above-the-fold.

How To Apply The PAS Technique

The optimization path of the PAS methodology is quite simple, at least in theory, because there are three crucial points to develop in body copy.

Identify A Problem

Study the target, investigate the searches they do on Google with the various SEO tools and analyze the queries. What are they looking for, and what desires do they express? And what fears? Knowledge of the public is essential because it allows you to understand the problems. Problems you need to express in the first part of the copy. Use communities to analyze the needs of your audience. And try to locate the Pain Points. These can be:

  1. Financial: Potential customers are spending too much.
  2. Support: People are not getting the proper comparison and help.
  3. Productivity: Your leads are wasting time.
  4. Pain: There are fears about suffering.

This is the critical element that causes disturbance. Customers want to know if and how your product can help solve problems. If you can’t help your audience, you can’t close the sale either, and there will be no revenue to register.

Shake It All Up

Here you have to work with words to make everything more intense. The identified problem becomes a drama, something that cannot be postponed. You work with a sense of urgency and the need to solve a problem immediately; otherwise, everything worsens.

Solve With Your Brand

This is the ultimate key to this persuasive technique for increasing sales. Once you have identified and agitated the problem, you solve it. How? Through an informative approach, indicating the reason why. That is why your product is decisive. According to persuasive copywriting, you can use another great tool: testimonials. That is people who can confirm the goodness of this solution: this can happen with a quotation mark or a number that indicates the number of people who have found benefit with that solution. Social proof works with the PAS technique.

Example Of A PAS Model In Marketing

Together with the AIDA model, the PAS is one of the ideal combinations to best define a winning structure in a body copy. 


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