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The Best iPhone Apps 2023

Are you looking for the best apps for your iPhone? Freenet introduces you to the favorites from different areas. In Apple’s App Store, you are spoiled for choice: more than two million apps are available here – and new ones are constantly being added, but not all of them meet expectations. That’s why Freenet has put together a list of the best apps for the iPhone or iPad from various categories below.

The Best iPhone Apps For Podcasts

If you enjoy listening to podcasts on the go or at home, then Pocket Casts is the iPhone app for you. It is intuitive to use and offers a vast selection of German-language and international audio contributions. Additional points are awarded for functions such as sleep timers and customizable filters. 

If you subscribe to the notifications, you won’t miss any new releases from your favorite podcasts. What makes Pocket Casts one of the best apps for iPhone is its syncing feature. With the paid web client (3.99 euros per month), you can synchronize your podcast collection across different devices. This way, you can listen to podcasts on the go on your iPhone and at home on your PC, iPad or MacBook.

The Best iPhone App In The Area Of ​​Sustainability

Worldwide, more than a third of all food produced ends up in the trash. With the iPhone app Too Good To Go, you can make a small contribution to combating this waste. Participating restaurants, hotels, bakeries and supermarkets offer surplus food and dishes at a low price via the iPhone app. All you have to do is pick them up within the specified time slot. For Freenet, it is, therefore, one of the most useful and best free iPhone apps in the area of ​​sustainability.

The Best iPhone Apps For Wallpapers And Background Images

We have already introduced Walli in our freenet guide to personalizing your cell phone background. More than 200 national and international artists share their work via the iPhone app. Follow your favorite artists and choose amazing wallpapers from different categories. The iPhone app itself is free, but the artists can take advantage of in-app purchases and advertisements.

Learn And Understand: The Best iPhone App

Nicolai Schork and Alexander Giesecke show that it can also be entertaining to process teaching material. After the great success of their learning and teaching videos on YouTube, the two are now sharing the content for pupils and students via their own iPhone app, simple club – The Learning App.

No matter whether vector calculation, photosynthesis or oxidation – the free app prepares topics in an understandable way for different grade levels. However, to use the full functionality of the iPhone app, in-app purchases may be required. Nevertheless, Freenet is one of the best iPhone apps in the area of ​​learning and understanding.

The Best iPhone App For Movies

Do you prefer ambitious films to big blockbusters? The iPhone app MUBI: Curated Cinema releases a hand-picked movie every day. A total of 30 films are always available, which you can also download and watch later. The respective new publication replaces the oldest contribution. The first seven days are free. You can then continue watching with a monthly subscription (11.99 euros) or an annual subscription (95.88 euros).

The Best iPhone App For Travel

The Microsoft Translator is a free iPhone app that makes it easier for you to communicate in foreign-speaking countries. She translates written and spoken text from over 60 languages into English. The camera can also be used to translate text on signs or posters. The audio function enables simultaneous translation.

The Best iPhone Apps For Photography

We have already presented the best apps for image editing in another guide. If you are an ambitious iPhone photographer, the Halide Mark II – Pro Camera is the perfect addition.

The iPhone app offers you numerous adjustment screws that you can use to adjust manual functions like a real DSLR camera, including exposure, white balance and ISO values. Why the list of the best iPhone apps only have Halide? Photos can be taken as JPEG and RAW files. The latter format offers you optimal conditions for later post-processing of the images on the PC. The price of 2.99 euros per month is reasonable.

Health And Fitness: The Best iPhone App

If you want to eat healthily and work on your physical fitness, 8fit Fitness & Nutrition Plan is the ideal iPhone app for you. With the free trial, you already get access to some workouts. You will receive training and nutrition plans tailored to your needs and goals with a subsequent subscription for three months (29.99 euros) or one year (59.99 euros).

Art: The Best iPhone App

Are you artistically active and looking for iPhone apps that allow you to paint, draw and sketch realistically? Then Inspire is the best choice. With the iPhone app for 9.99 euros, you have 150 high-quality brushes from a total of 15 different sets at your disposal. The selection includes, among other things, oil paint, chalk and airbrush.

Thanks to the patented Sorcery™ painting engine, the graphics chip is fully utilized, enabling brush strokes of brilliant 64-bit color and sharp sub-pixel accuracy at high speed. Another great feature is the canvas playback video, where brush strokes are recorded. This way, you can later watch the creation of the image as a video.

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