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Samsung Galaxy F13 Screenshot How To Screenshot

Guidelines to evaluate catch Samsung Galaxy F13 the direct manual for getting the Samsung Galaxy F13 screen and taking phone screen photos or taking a screen catch on Samsung. Samsung Galaxy F13 screen catches how to get your Android PDA screen with our straightforward manual for using PDAs. Saving the screen of the Samsung Galaxy F13 mobile phone is extremely clear and inside everyone’s territory. 

With the associate you can find under, you will get the screen catch of the Samsung Galaxy F13 Android phone. Although there are various methodologies to take Samsung Galaxy F13 screen catches, we report for ease. Sound judgment, which one will allow you to take Android Samsung screen catches quickly because when you need to get a screen of the phone, you want to do it soon before the information contained dissipates.

Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy F13 Using Google Voice Assistant

To take a screen capture and take a screen capture of the Samsung Galaxy F13 smartphone using the Google voice right hand, adhere to the directions underneath.

  1. Open the screen you need to take a screen capture on.
  2. Say OK, Google, take a screen capture, and Google will wrap up.
  3. The screen capture you have recently gained will be put away in the picture exhibition, and you can promptly share it with interpersonal organizations.

How To Screenshot Samsung Galaxy F13 With Phone Keys

Take a screen capture while utilizing the gadget, compose or draw on the caught screen, or harvest or offer it. You can detect the ongoing screen and remote regions.

How To Take A Samsung Galaxy F13 Screenshot

Utilize the accompanying techniques to take a screen capture. You can see the caught screen captures in Gallery.

Technique 1) Key Capture: Press the Side and Volume Down keys simultaneously.

Technique 2) Swipe capture: With the edge of your hand, swipe the screen to one side or right. 

While utilizing a few applications and highlights, it is beyond the realm of possibilities to expect to take a screen capture. If taking a screen capture by swiping isn’t dynamic, send off the Settings application, tap Advanced highlights → Endlessly signals, and afterward tap the Palm swipe catch change to initiate this element. After taking a screen capture, utilize the accompanying choices on the toolbar at the lower part of the screen:

Double Down Square Arrow Icon

Captures the ongoing substance and secret substance of a drawn-out page, for example, a site page. By tapping, the screen will consequently look down, catching more satisfaction.

Square Icon With A Pencil On The Right

Permits you to compose or draw on or trim a part of the screen capture. You can see the trimmed region in Gallery.

Hash Icon 

Permits you to add labels to the screen capture. To look for screen captures by labels, tap Search at the highest point of the Apps screen and Screens →. You can see the label list and look for the ideal screen capture.

Share Icon

Share the screen capture with others. If the choices are not noticeable on the caught screen, send off the Settings application, tap Advanced highlights → Endlessly screen recording, and afterward tap the Screen toolbar change to actuate this element.

Samsung Galaxy F13 Screen Recording

Record the screen while utilizing the gadget.

  1. Open the notice board, swipe down, and afterward tap (Screen recorder) to actuate this capability.
  2. Select a sound setting and tap Start Recording. Recording begins after a commencement. To compose or draw on the screen, tap the pencil symbol.
  3. At the point when the video is done recording, tap the square symbol.
  4. You can see the video in Gallery.
  5. To change the screen recording settings, send off the Settings application and
  6. Tap Advanced highlights → Endlessly screen recording.

I know every one of the approaches to screening capture Samsung Galaxy F13.


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