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Ramneek Sidhu – Digital Marketing Consultant And Started A Company Known As Digital Kings

Becoming successful in life is not a piece of cake. To succeed and reach greater heights in life needs a lot of passion, dedication, hard work, and sincerity. Life throws many challenges at us, and we should face them with patience, planning, and commitment. So, it requires consistency to become successful in any field. Nothing comes overnight. It takes one step at a time to reach the pinnacle of success. We want to share one such success story of Ramneek Sidhu, a brilliant entrepreneur, digital marketing strategist, and well-known businessman among the Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities.

Ramneek Sidhu is a very passionate, unique, and young digital marketing consultant who started a company known as Digital Kings in UAE in 2016. The role of his company is to build portfolios and promote businessmen, sportspersons, and celebrities of Tollywood and Bollywood and to make them famous with his marketing techniques. Ramneek has become a very busy and popular marketing expert through his hard work and passion for his dreams.

Ramneek Sidhu was born and brought up in Mohali, Punjab. From a very tender age, Ramneek was different from other children of his age. He used to work hard and think from a very young age. When he was a teenager, he saw the future of the world through a telescope and built big dreams that drive success to his doorstep. He had a vision for a bigger, brighter, and better future. He stood as a role model and inspiring to many digital marketers. He built his empire in UAE and India with sheer determination and will. In a short while, he is planning to extend his company’s services to Canada also. He is going to open an office in Canada.

The idea of becoming a digital marketing consultant took birth during his college, where he was studying Bachelor of technology in CSE. He started exploring the internet and found his dream job and interest in the digital marketing field. The journey was not as easy as it appears, but his consistent effort and brilliant social media strategies made him what he is today. People from all over the world reach Ramneek to manage their social media accounts and help them grow.

Ramneek is well versed with current changes and advancements in the digital marketing field. By observing the changes in the trends and coupling them with his unique strategies, he created wonders in the digital marketing field through his company, Digital Kings. The corona pandemic has caused many businesses to almost become extinct. So, Ramneek firmly believes that digital marketing is a boon to many businesses in such a situation as it creates many possibilities to bounce back.

Ramneek says in his own words, “The pandemic has badly hit the economy. Overwhelming shocks in the business market have left individuals, and companies stressed. Hence, there is a need for professional assistance that can boost the financial status of small and large-scale industries. This has turned out to be a boon for the digital marketing field with new trends taking over now and then.”

Ramneek’s business strategy is to create interest by introducing personalized content, products, and many more. He uses social media platforms to keep in touch with the customers through messages and emails. Ramneek Sidhu says these digital marketing techniques add extra taste to other marketing strategies. In the coming years, the digital marketing field will be the epicenter in the marketing world.

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