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Qualcomm & Meta Together To Conquer The Metaverse With Chips

The partnership between Meta and Qualcomm Incorporated is officially confirmed; the two giants together create new technologies for the metaverse. Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that he is officially working with Qualcomm Incorporated to make chips specifically designed for virtual reality. These will be joined by Snapdragon XR (Extended Reality) technology, capable of guaranteeing an even more immersive experience for the user. No details have yet been disclosed on the duration of the partnership or the financial arrangements; according to rumors, it could be a project that will involve both parties for the next few years and until the complete development of Meta.

Meta And Qualcomm Incorporated, The New Technologies For The Metaverse

The agreement between the two IT giants will start from the chips for the new Quest viewers designed specifically for the metaverse. The goal of this technology, albeit still in an initial development phase, is to transform virtual reality into a multifunctional IT platform; in short, the complete realization of the Zuckerberg project that has always imagined Facebook as a “container” in which users can live a parallel (digital) life, without ever having to go beyond its borders. However, Meta and Qualcomm Incorporated have worked in synergy for more than seven years, focusing common efforts on the upcoming Quest 2. 

The first step in the partnership between Meta and Qualcomm Incorporated is the new Quest headsets, which should arrive on the market reasonably soon. The announcement just made allows us to glimpse into the future of these technologies towards what could be the decisive step to making Meta’s project concrete. After all, to make experiences for mixed, virtual, and augmented reality increasingly evolved and realistic, specific technologies are needed; solutions capable of further enhancing current tools, combining design, functions, and an affordable price.

Technology At The Service Of Facebook

When Facebook changed its name to Meta a few months ago, no one could foresee the great revolution of the company. It is not just a hardware or software discourse; it is a focus that will represent the natural evolution of the ways of interaction between users and computers in a context halfway between real and digital. Despite the losses due to investments, Meta has nevertheless laid the foundations for what will be the future of consumer information technology, rewriting the rules of the market once again. The metaverse was born with the idea of ​​rewriting the rules of consumer computing, becoming a new standard in the perception of the web and its possibilities.

This is why the alliance with Qualcomm Incorporated comes as no surprise to analysts, who have always been convinced that the next challenges we will have to respond to will essentially concern overcoming current technological limits. Once these initial “difficulties” have been resolved, the result will be the birth of devices that will have the only purpose of further expanding the user experience; with the ultimate goal of forever transforming the way work, training, creativity, and entertainment (on the web) are imagined into something radically different.

Snapdragon XR Is Also In The Quest Pro

The press release talks about a multi-year agreement, but neither the duration nor the economic terms are known. Qualcomm and Meta will work together in the “space computing” market to develop new experiences in the virtual world. The first fruit of the collaboration between the two companies was Oculus Go. Inside the virtual reality headset was a Snapdragon 821 processor. Oculus Quest instead integrated the Snapdragon 835 processor. The current Meta Quest 2 is instead based on the Snapdragon XR2 platform. 

The SoC, derived from the Snapdragon 865, is designed specifically for virtual and augmented reality. Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that Qualcomm would design custom chips for future Quest headsets. The new SoC could be unveiled during the Connect conference in October when Meta is expected to announce the Quest Pro. However, a spokesperson for the Menlo Park company stressed that the deal would not be exclusive. The new processors will also be available for other headset manufacturers. There are no technical details at the moment, but the chip will certainly offer greater performance, improving the experience in the metaverse and the graphics quality.

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