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Project Team: How To Choose The Right People For Your Project

If you are a project manager, you will only work with others. Surrounding yourself with co-workers with the right personality and skills is essential to achieving your goals. Supported by the right team, you can meet every deadline. But how do you build the perfect project team for you?

Six People Who Cannot Be Missing From Your Project Team

Every project is unique, be that as it may, a few explicit jobs are fundamental for each task and each organization. By and large, will continuously require somebody in the accompanying jobs:

Team Leader

The individual was responsible for driving the group, acquiring the essential assets, beating troubles, and proactively tackling issues that might emerge. In larger companies, the team leader often coincides with the project manager. When working in compact teams, however, the team leader is usually responsible for specific projects, making him a project owner. The team leader defines the expectations of the client and the team and ensures that all project stakeholders are always up-to-date and aligned. This figure also monitors the budget and the progress of the team’s work to set realistic deadlines.


He is the specialist responsible for project definition and delivery. He has in-depth knowledge in several areas touched by the project. Think of external developers, designers, or consultants, depending on the sector in which you find yourself working.

Business Analyst, Product Manager, Or Active Stakeholder

Whether you’re defining project requirements, documenting user feedback, or turning information into reports, you’ll need one person to handle all the documentation related to your job. He is a vital team member, as he never forgets the client’s needs and thus ensures the return on investment (ROI). The team leader often fills this role for smaller teams and projects. But if you have the right resources, you’ll want to include someone who can always keep an overview of the entire project.

External Consultants

It is always interesting to include other people in your project. Professional knowledge sometimes has limits; when immersed in work, you may need to recognize some difficulties. That is why it is helpful to involve a variety of people with an open mindset, such as users, portfolio managers, or even investors, who can offer a fresh approach to the project.

Project Sponsors

The role of the project sponsor is quite nebulous for many. He is often confused with the client or team leader, but unlike the client, the sponsor is usually part of the operating organization. The sponsor also selects and supports the project manager, embodying the responsibilities related to management and leadership as a mentor. The sponsor makes critical decisions. The team leader can make minor changes to his recommendations if needed, but the sponsor still has the final say. It is the figure who controls the resources and ensures the budget.


A customer is usually not part of the operating organization and pays for the product resulting from the project. The customer establishes the value of the project. For this reason, every customer, whether represented by an individual, a team, or a third party, is required to receive the same treatment. Aligning project goals with customer requirements is a necessary prerequisite of any project. To maintain a customer-centric approach, it is essential always to remember that people carry out projects for others.

Assign Different Roles

A clear understanding of project roles ensures clarity and structure individually and as a team. If everyone on your team knows who’s working on what tasks at all times, they’ll be able to respond quickly to any feedback or requests. At the same time, a clear structure helps establish a workable timeline. Ideally, people’s talents should match their roles within the team, and everyone should understand how to achieve their assigned goals. A great midfielder is not necessarily a good striker, and always remember that what some members like to do may be different from what they are good at.

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