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Best Project Management Softwares

There are many different project management software on the market. Every one of the accessible projects has fundamental functionalities that are no different for everybody since they address the base qualities an undertaking the executive’s programming should have. Each has explicit qualities that improve its project the board programming for one industry than another. All projects should permit you to do command over the heading of the undertaking, will empower you to relegate errands and exercises to various colleagues as well as make changes if somebody is excessively occupied contrasted with the others, permit you to create reports and introductions via naturally recovering work entered by the venture administrator, consistently to have the option to give a record of the advancement of the equivalent to those dependable.

In a decent venture, the board programming must then permit its utilization to every one of the clients engaged with the group, clearly aligning the consents and getting to the various segments of the product in light of the degree of an obligation of the part and the sort of data that can be helpful for him. the presentation of its errand. The venture supervisor can get to all areas since he should keep up with the task’s general vision continuously. At last, the best venture the executive’s programming can be adjusted and carried out as per the client’s various requirements and the particularity of the undertakings shared with the program. Here, then, is a rundown of the best items available to help you effectively pick the one that best suits your requirements.

Asana As Project Management Software

Asana is one of the “oldest” project management software on the market and was relaunched on the market with the current interface in 2011 by the will of the Facebook programmer Justin Rosenstein and the social co-founder Dustin Moskovitz. This software comes in three different formats: there is the basic one which is free but has few features available; the premium version, which is more complete and costs around 9 euros per month; the enterprise version, which has a high level of customization on the needs of the customer who uses it and for this reason the price is provided only on request since it must be calibrated based on the customizations made.

Among this software’s most specific features are allowing the management of each phase of the project. In particular, various micro teams can be created. Many communication tools are made available to the team to facilitate shared work, such as a single deadline calendar, the internal chat for real-time communication, the message archive, the data export function, and report creation. With the basic version, up to 15 participants can be inserted into the project. Then you have to switch to the premium version, which allows an unlimited number. Asana can be used on desktops and tablets, but in recent years a smartphone app has also been created to use the project management software at other times and when you are not in the office.


This project management software is owned by the American company Fog Creek Software which has put it on the market since 2011. The program can be downloaded in its basic version, with few features available. Also, in this case, the software has both a release for desktops and tablets and one for smartphones, both iOS and Android. On this essential adaptation, you can introduce the expansions accessible in the premium and endeavor forms, the previous at 9.90 euros each month and the last option at 20. Along these lines, the client makes the program that best suits his requirements, carrying out each time with the most proper augmentations. 

The undertaking of the executive’s programming offers a primary connection point with appealing illustrations and permits you to do all that you want to work with such a program. You can make a specific number of clients and delegate a profile to each colleague to straightforwardly impart responsibilities, oversee errors, direct conveyance times, and assess the outcomes accomplished by individual colleagues and miniature gatherings managing specific parts of the venture. The agenda capability is gainful and can be made noticeable to all colleagues or people.

Microsoft Project 

This project management software owned by Microsoft is often sold integrated with some brand products. In other cases, it can be purchased separately. It is one of the oldest software on the market because, as has already been said, until a few years ago, there was only this product on the market and a few others. The strong point of this project management software is to take advantage of all the Microsoft products, so its use is very intuitive since these are tools already used daily by the project manager and team members.

For the rest, the program has every one of the elements anticipated from the project, the board programming, data sharing, the chance of a definitive chronicle, and a library where each colleague can enter records of significance for the venture. You can extrapolate charts and assess the outcomes. It is likewise conceivable to speak with a wide range of various colleagues through an ongoing confidential informing framework and sort out internet-based gatherings by welcoming all intrigued colleagues with a message.

Basecamp As Project Management Software

It is a project management software that saw the birth of its first version in 2004 and has since sold over 5 million releases. This achievement is because it is one of the most straightforward projects to utilize, in any event, for those new to this product. The point of interaction is highly improved, and it is feasible to comprehend the utilization of the different keys even without utilizing the venture executives’ programming. In all actuality, its utilization was more mind-boggling toward the start, yet since it is one of the primary projects marked down, it has had the chance to work on it over the long run. 

The venture the board programming can be utilized with work area computers, cell phones, and tablets as there is a particular application that clients can download to constantly have everything taken care of, in any event, when away from the workplace. Moreover, the undertaking of the board programming permits its unlimited use for a month to help the client to test every one of its capabilities. Another feature of Basecamp is that you don’t pay per client for the whole programming, which can then be utilized for a specific number of clients. The expenses are 99 euros for involving the undertaking of the executive’s programming for one month and 999 if you buy the permit all year long. Its functionalities are those predicted by the project and the board programming.

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This project management software is a user-tailored program as it is the user who decides how to use it, which tools to download and which users to assign them to. The software is free in its basic version, which only five users can use. Subsequently, different functions can be downloaded based on the professional subscription from around 10 euros per month, the business one for 25 euros per month, or the marketing one from 35 euros per month. Its internal organization is managed through the creation of folders and agendas. 

And this allows you to make the most of the work tools and organize it by logical lines, intuitive to all. The program can be used on desktop and smartphone apps, in this case, for iOS and Android operating systems. The storage space is very well done, which, starting from the professional version, allows you to keep even burdensome documents without slowing down the functioning of the software in any way. Finally, the internal communication tools are excellent, allowing you to manage the workflow correctly and interface with each user.


Spike cannot correctly be defined as project management software but rather a tool that, in addition to the usual ones used for work, allows you to improve team functionality and teamwork. Spike works essentially on emails as it allows you to avoid reading superfluous ones by presenting the content of each one as if it were an SMS, thus immediately catching the salient data. It also allows you to have a shared calendar to check all your activities and those of other team members, exchange messages in a private area, call meetings with alerts, and archive all the documentation necessary for teamwork.

There is also the possibility of extrapolating data, creating reports and graphs with the results achieved, and sending other documentation to one or all team members. Spike is free for primary users and requires a monthly subscription for professional accounts. However, this is a meager cost because the software essentially exploits the functionality of the emails by relying on the client already used by team members. Finally, it can be used by customers who prefer the desktop and those who instead want to check messages and other data from their smartphone simply by downloading the appropriate application.


This project management software was developed by an IT company specializing in creating programs for video conferencing and webinars. Then, its project management software incorporates similar characteristics and allows its users also to be able to organize video conferences or virtual meetings even if the team members are in different corners of the globe. The software permits you to download a free program variant for 14 days, during which you can get to each component to test its capacity. Hence, if you like the item, you should change to the paid variant, which accommodates the installment of a month-to-month expense. 

The fundamental capabilities are those that accommodated all venture executives’ programming. In any case, its uniqueness lies not such a massive amount in that frame of mind of sharing information, work processes, and more as, most importantly, on account of taking advantage of the phone association with settle on video decisions and gatherings continuously and, during the equivalent, likewise move work documentation and other data and records that are fundamental for dealing with a task. The access permissions can be configured according to the different functions of the team members and the levels of licenses that you want to give them, while the project leader can have access to everything.


It is a project management software that costs under 10 euros for every client each month and permits you to utilize all the instruments expected for a venture the executives are programming. It is a magnificent item for that multitude of searching for the project, the board programming with basic capabilities and an incredibly natural graphical connection point, to such an extent that no preparation is accommodated, new clients. In any case, the user’s manual is given since it is effortless to utilize. It tends to be used both from the work area and through the particular application, which is provided in a downloadable rendition on Android and iOS.

Project management software is one of the cheapest on the market, so it is only somewhat suitable if you want to use it for complex projects. Still, it is ideal for small workgroups that need to have a shared calendar of activities and want to carry out a fast exchange of information through a shared, manageable archive. There are no demo or free versions, but it is possible to request a test drive from the parent company to try out all its functions. Integrating the mail client with the project management software is envisaged, but this provides different functions than other more performing software.

Liquid Planners

Also, in this case, it is a straightforward project management software that provides a certain number of functions but is only suitable for managing complex projects or jobs that require the participation of many participants. A free variant of undertaking the board programming can be downloaded, yet permits you to utilize a few highlights. The paid variant, which costs 9 euros each month for each client, grows the conceivable outcomes of the client, who can, in any case, do everything expected with this task the executives programming.

It is feasible to coordinate it with messages, trade information and data, and offer the schedule of exercises through which gatherings can likewise be called using cautions and talk continuously with the correspondence frameworks made accessible by the venture the board programming. At last, the task director can get to everybody’s workspaces, check the outcomes acquired, extrapolate information, and make work reports. It may be utilized both from the work area and through the particular application provided in a downloadable form on Android and iOS. A few highlights of the application are restricted, so it is dependably fitting to utilize it just for the conference in the last mode.


The latest project management software worth considering is Redmine. It is a product that offers its best performance when considering use for a small to the medium work group. It is utilized both from the work area and through the particular application provided in a downloadable variant on Android and iOS. It is additionally conceivable to coordinate it with messages, trade information, and data and offer the schedule of exercises through which gatherings can likewise be called using cautions and visit progressively with the correspondence frameworks made accessible by the venture the board programming

It has a fantastic chronicling framework that permits you to transfer a specific number of reports without calling back the program excessively. Additionally, this product has various authorizations given the client level with which it is gotten to. The venture director will approach all regions and lay out the degree of data accessible for multiple individuals. Finally, the parent company provides the possibility of carrying out test drives and using a free version of the software for seven days, after which it is necessary to switch to the professional version, which provides a monthly license rental fee. The software can be integrated with the mail client used by the team.

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