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Project Management Software Is Also Free

Free Project Management Tool

Might you want to plan and execute projects more effectively? Is it safe to say that you are keen on a proficient venture the executives programming yet need to “get a taste” and give it a shot first – absent a lot of exertion and cost? You don’t need to look far with the expectation of complimentary devices “for nothing.” Numerous suppliers likewise have a free rendition of the executive’s application prepared for their venture. Also, some could be utilized altogether for nothing for a limitless period.

Free Tool: The Basic Factor Is That Cloud Can Do This

Improved Communication

Did you know that most projects fail due to a lack of or incorrect communication? Making agreements, reporting progress, and exchanging knowledge are not only crucial in project management. Most organizations convey via telephone, email, and gatherings. This can be genuinely a period killer if you need to settle on telephone decisions for a solitary snippet of data or sit tight days for an email answer.

With a PM device, all data is in one spot – open to everybody whenever. Along these lines, correspondence turns out to be substantially more designated. A model: With the undertaking of the board programming facto, you can impart task-related – through remarks. It is likewise conceivable to Join archives. Do you have remarks on an errand? The data is in that general area where you want it.

Strengthen Teamwork

This short and designated correspondence likewise makes collaboration substantially more open. Different regions can be planned in the PM programming, particularly when a group is geologically isolated. Each has its work environment and tracks down colleagues and contact people. Is there an outside individual who ought to be engaged with a venture? Don’t worry about it. With factor, you can welcome visitor clients for nothing.

Mobile App

Teamwork on the go – that works too. With the mobile app, you always have an overview on your cell phone. Do you have a thought en route, or could you at any point consider something that should be explained in the workplace the following day? Record all things required in the assignment list. Indeed, even without a PC, you can keep awake to date with warnings and keep on working, for instance, by ticking off agenda things, changing the errand status, or recording bits of feedback. So you stay dynamic regardless of whether you are not on location.

To Create Transparency

Where are we now? Who does what? Which tasks are critical? Where has something changed? At absolutely no point, ever search for or request the data in the future. Project status, reports, or hierarchical changes are served with a royal flair. In facto, you get everything applicable to you – progressively. This saves a ton of time, even with the free variant. Assignments can be connected or arranged with labels for a far superior outline. The course of the progressions and settings is straightforward and reasonable for everybody associated with the task the executives are programming. 

Receive Notifications

With a real-time notification system, you will get everything. You get individually adjustable information about all changes and warnings for critical tasks or expenses. By buying in, you choose which errands you need to follow. Do you browse your messages first thing before you open the component? Then you can likewise have the notices shipped off to you by email. This brings straightforwardness and outline. Various perspectives guarantee this.

Powerful Views

With different visual representations of the tasks and projects, you keep an eye on everything necessary and always have the proper perspective.

Kanban Board

The Kanban Board is great for giving an outline of everyday work. This view comprises the planned, dynamic, and completed segments in which errands are characterized by their status. You generally have an outline of which errands are to be finished and which are expected in a couple of days or weeks. No more shocks, everything initially. The shading of the errands (“cutoff time traffic signal”) helps more clearly see which undertakings are essential and which are now late.

Work Breakdown Structure

With the structure plan, an entire project can be created piece by piece – with packages and associated tasks. This creates a tree that offers the optimal overview of the organization of the project. This can not only serve as orientation and motivation for employees (“What am I doing this for?”), but can also be given to managers, customers, or external employees.

More Time, Less Effort

Simple on-site communication, sharing of documents and data, holistic overview of projects and tasks. This significant recovery time you could use for the organization’s business. Discussing time reserve funds, a convenient component is the layout highlight. If you have comparable ventures or repeating errands: make layouts and use them repeatedly. Mobile phone, correct?

Facto Still Offers This As Freeware

You can already achieve all these advantages and improvements by working with the free version. All this is possible in Basic Cloud. In addition, this software also has other features that make life easier.

Intuitive Operation

Would you like to enter the world of project management tools without much effort? It would help if you avoided a complex arrangement that carries you close to surrender. It is, along these lines, vital that product works and elements are clear, intelligible, and reasonable. The component is an exceptionally intuitive venture, the board instrument. A productive direction guarantees a simple direct section without tedious instructional classes.

Comprehensive Support

And if help is needed, free, speaking customer service is at your side – even in the free version. Support is always there for you via email, telephone, chat, or contact form and clarifies essential questions.

High-Security Standards

Do you work with sensitive personal data and have security concerns when working with software? Then you should take a close look at the server location of the provider. The factor is one of the few freeware. The tool is developed in the Ruhr area and hosted in Frankfurt and Nuremberg according to the highest security and data protection standards.

More Free Project Management Tools


Trello is a lean instrument for undertaking and tasks the executives that depend primarily on the Kanban board and is incredibly reasonable for deft conditions. Then again, broad capabilities for different ventures on the board are simply accessible partially. The device centers around simple activity, which brings about a more modest scope of capabilities. You can incorporate different applications and administrations like Gmail or Adobe Imaginative Cloud to coordinate extra capabilities.

Air Table

Airtable, as the name proposes, centers around association with tables. For instance, it is simpler to utilize and more equipped to project the executives than Succeed, so enthusiasts of tables and records will find what they are searching for here. With the assistance of different labels and channels, the presentation in Airtable can be deftly changed. The particular fields can be individualized and, in this way, show a wide assortment of data, like pictures, information, or expenses.


OpenProject is an open-source solution, i.e., software with open-source code. Unlike factor, Trello, or Airtable, the free version is not cloud-based but can be installed on your server. If you need to get your infrastructure, the free version is only suitable to a limited extent. With OpenProject, projects can be managed in different ways. Possibilities include visualization via Gantt chart for projects with a fixed schedule. Agile projects can also be controlled using Scrum. Other features include an integrated wiki and an open API interface.


Another alternative is the cloud-based program Wrike. Indeed, even the free variant brings a ton to the table. There are spaces, organizers, and tasks here to structure the work. Assignments and subtasks can be made. In the free variant, notwithstanding, this is restricted to 200 errands. Other colleagues can be referenced or labeled in the undertakings in remarks, and records can be shared. For a superior outline, the board view, the document view, or the Gantt diagram can be set independently. Even so, the program can sometimes be confusing, and like this, requires a great deal of preparation time: This can be overpowering for unpracticed clients.

Do You Need More Than Free PM Software?

With the free Basic Cloud, you can get extremely far. But are there still a few features that need to be added? How about

  1. the assignment of responsibilities,
  2. a template function,
  3. a performance record,
  4. a Gantt chart for detailed scheduling
  5. or cross-project working methods?
  6. Fee-based tariffs can be tested for 14 days free of charge – without obligation and data loss if you want to return.

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