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OK Google: The Best Voice Commands For The Google Assistant

Capitalize on Nest Hub 2, Nest Audio, Nest Mini, and Android cell phones with these “Alright Google” voice orders for the Google Assistant. The Google Assistant is a valuable voice AI that is incorporated into all Google UIs. The associate controls your own brilliant home by voice order, records arrangements or updates, plays Music, or tracks your rest through Nest Hub 2 (data), Google’s most recent splendid showcase. 

Albeit the Google Assistant is presently at home in a wide range of insightful speakers, shows, smart TVs, and surprisingly some vehicle cockpits, most know it from their Android cell phone. There he assumes control over the route in Google Maps or sends WhatsApp messages on demand. This article will track down the appropriate OK Google voice orders for the most basic applications on the cell phone, Nest Audio, Nest Hub 2, or other clever gadgets

Notes: The Google Assistant records similarly to the powerful words “Alright Google” and “Hello Google.” In this aid, we, accordingly, utilize the two variations on the other hand. Following the sign word, articulate the ideal order. A delay between “Hello Google” and the accompanying voice order isn’t required.

OK Google: Voice Commands For Smartphone Control And Communication

The Google Assistant backings you on the cell phone or a brilliant speaker when settling on decisions or sending messages. The related article discloses how to set up a correspondence on Google’s new Nest Hub 2 brilliant presentation (tips).

You can direct messages to the Google Assistant on your cell phone, have WhatsApp messages read out to you, or start a call. The voice AI additionally opens any applications or directs the presentation brilliance whenever wanted.

Voice commands for smartphone control

  1. “Hey Google, open App XY.”
  2. “OK, Google, make the display lighter / darker.”
  3. “Hey Google, activate airplane mode.”
  4. “Hey Google, open the camera.”
  5. “OK, Google, take a picture.”
  6. “OK, Google, make a video.”
  7. “Hey Google, turn the flashlight on / off.”

Voice commands for sending messages and telephony

  1. “Hey Google, check your voicemail.”
  2. “Hey Google, send a WhatsApp message to Tobias.”
  3. “OK, Google, read me the last WhatsApp message from Matthias.”
  4. “OK, Google, send an email to Christian.”
  5. “Hey Google, call Tomislav.”
  6. “Hey Google, send a text to Ben.”

Hey Google: How Do I Play Music And Podcasts?

Regardless of whether you use Nest Hub 2, Nest Audio, or Nest Mini, you would all be able to associate them to a real-time music feature. Google gadgets right now support Spotify, Deezer, iTunes Music, and obviously, YouTube Music. Amazon clients get nothing. Assuming you need to utilize Prime Music, you need an Alexa gadget like the Echo 4 keen speaker (test). 

You can associate your #1 assistance either when you initially set up the gadget or later in the Google Home application on your cell phone. Open the application, tap on “Media,” and “Oversee System” on Music. Here, you connect music benefits and select the standard supplier the Google Assistant ought to get to. All Music orders additionally work on the cell phone.

Voice commands for music playback:

  1. “OK, Google, play music.”
  2. Playback via the standard service
  3. “Hey Google, play music from XY.”
  4. Random playback of artist XY.
  5. “Hey Google, play XX (from XY).”
  6. Playback of a specific song (with details of the artist)
  7. “OK, Google, play
  8. some relaxation music.” Random playback of a particular genre
  9. “OK, Google, play the mixed cast.”
  10. playback of the latest episode of your favorite podcast

OK Google: Voice Commands For Productivity And Scheduling

The Google Assistant backings you in arranging the day, helps you remember arrangements, or assists with deciphering unknown dialects. The voice AI gets to the broad Google suite, including the Google Calendar, the Google Translator, and Google Notes, or scans the web for replies.

Voice commands for an alarm clock, timer, and clock:

  1. “Hey Google, set the alarm for 6 am.”
  2. “Hey Google, set the alarm clock to half-past six on weekdays.”
  3. “OK, Google, wake me up in eight hours.”
  4. “OK, Google, set a timer for 15 minutes.”
  5. “Hey, Google, how much time is left on my timer?”
  6. “OK, Google, when does my alarm/timer go off?”
  7. “Hey Google, put my alarm off for half-past six.”
  8. “OK, Google, stop the alarm/switch off.”
  9. “OK Google, snooze mode/snooze.”
  10. “Hey, Google, what time is it?”

 Voice commands for conversions and calculations

  1. “Hey Google, how many euros is ten dollars?”
  2. “Hey Google, how many grams are 16 kilograms?”
  3. “Hey Google, how many inches is a decimeter?”
  4. “Hey Google, how many centimeters are 65 inches?”
  5. “OK, Google, how many kilometers is a mile?”
  6. “OK Google, how much km / h corresponds to 100 m / ph?”
  7. “OK, Google, how much is 32 times a quarter?”
  8. “OK, Google, what’s the square root of 368?”
  9. “OK, Google, countdown from ten.”
  10. “Hey Google, count to 25.”

Voice commands for reminders, appointments, calendars & lists

  1. “Hey Google, put detergent on my shopping list.”
  2. “OK, Google, what’s on my shopping list?”
  3. “Hey Google, make a list called to-do.”
  4. “OK, Google, put ‘paint the fence’ on my to-do list.”
  5. “Hey Google, remember that I put my keys on the sideboard in the kitchen.”
  6. “Hey Google, where are my keys?”
  7. “OK, Google, remember the laundry in three hours.”
  8. “OK, Google, remember Peter’s birthday on April 15th.”

 Voice commands for translations and dictionaries

  1. “OK Google, what does ‘Mixed is great’ mean in English?”
  2. “Hey Google, translate ‘Today is a beautiful tomorrow’ into French.”
  3. “Hey Google, define receive.”
  4. “Hey Google, what does suspect mean?”
  5. “OK, Google, how do you spell an algorithm?”

Hey Google: The Best Voice Commands For Surfing The Web

The Google Assistant experts web look through like no other right hand. No big surprise when you consider that Google is the leading web crawler supplier around the world. With Google Assistant, you generally keep awake to date, get data about the climate and your #1 club, look at creature sounds or ask information inquiries.

Voice commands for the weather query

  1. “Hey Google, what’s the weather like?”
  2. “Hey Google, what’s the weather like tomorrow?”
  3. “OK, Google, what’s the weather like until next week?”
  4. “OK Google, what’s the weather like in London?”
  5. “Hey, Google, what’s the weather going to be like in Budapest this weekend?”
  6. “OK, Google, do I need an umbrella today?”
  7. “Hey Google, what is the probability of rain today?”
  8. “Hey Google, what’s the temperature outside?”

Voice commands for news, information, and more

  1. “Hey Google, what’s the breaking news?”
  2. “Hey Google, good morning!”
  3. It gives an overview of today’s day with the current time, weather, appointments, and reminders
  4. “Hey Google, how did BVB play?”
  5. “OK, Google, when will Eintracht Frankfurt play next?”
  6. “OK, Google, tell me about Schalke 04.”
  7. “OK, Google, what’s the Facebook share price?”
  8. “Hey Google, where is the Apple stock?”
  9. “Hey, Google, who is Andrew Bosworth?”
  10. “Hey Google, how old is David Hasselhoff?”

OK Google: How Does Navigation Work With Google Assistant?

Since they carry out the Assistant Driving Mode highlight, the Google Assistant has assumed control over the route in the Google Maps application. This permits different activities to be called up by voice order while driving, for example, perusing approaching instant messages. 

To reply, you can direct the text to Google Assistant. Artificial consciousness additionally controls calls or music playback. The Google Assistant can likewise respond to any inquiries regarding geology, the encompassing region or shops, and offices outside of driving mode.

Voice commands for maps, traffic, navigation, and opening times

  1. “Hey, Google, where is Montreal?”
  2. “OK, Google, how far away is Siberia?”
  3. “Hey, Google, where is the next REWE?”
  4. “Hey Google, how long has the city library in Munich Sendling been open?”
  5. “Hey Google, navigate me to the nearest gas station.”
  6. “Hey Google, navigate me to [address].”

 Voice commands for travel, booking flights, train tickets, and more

  1. “OK, Google, how expensive is a plane ticket to Shanghai?”
  2. “Hey Google, show me Lufthansa flights to Paris.”
  3. “OK, Google, when is my flight leaving?”
  4. “Hey Google, find hotels in Hamburg.”
  5. “OK Google, what sights are there in Berlin?”
  6. “Hey Google, what are the best restaurants in Prague?”


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