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Now You Can Like An Instagram Story Without Sending A Message

Instagram will soon give the possibility to “like” the stories, a function already available – as known – for posts and reels. The announcement was made by Adam Mosseri, CEO of the platform, through his official Twitter account. It is a slight improvement that avoids sending a private message every time you enjoy the short video when it expires. The number one of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, has published a video telling of a novelty arriving on the social network. 

It is a slight improvement, which, however, has been requested for some time by users to improve the fruition and use of the app: from today, it will also be possible to like the Stories without necessarily having to comment or send an emoji through a private message (dm) to the recipient—something that will be very useful especially to creators and those with many followers, but not only.  When a user views a Story, they will be able – in addition to commenting on it (if the user has enabled comments on their stories) and selecting a reaction – to like through the now-iconic little heart. The number of likes of the Stories will not have a public counter.

Instagram: How Likes On Stories Work

The user who uploaded the Story to his Instagram profile and being able to see who viewed it will also know the number of likes received. To like a story, tap on the heart-shaped button that will be present at the side of the text bar (the one used to send a comment to the Story). Only the person who posted the Story – precisely like the number of views – will know the number of likes received, but not who put the like since the action will not send a private message (as happens when you react to a story).

Know Who Liked You On Stories

Unlike the other reactions to the Stories, the likes will not be associated with the person who tapped the heart: you will know the total number of likes received, but you will not be able to see who they came from. Here is a preview of the feature that will be introduced over the next few weeks: The function is called Private Story Likes or personal likes for the Story, which streamlines the procedure and lightens the inbox of highly followed users and those who send the like since these interactions will no longer appear within the internal messaging area. 

The novelty should be gradually spread around the world with a future update. On a graphic level, the well-known heart-shaped icon will also appear when viewing a Story to send an appreciation, which will notify the author within the analytic when he opens his own Story. The icon will be placed between the one for the message and the one in the shape of a paper airplane. And since we are talking about hearts, it is no coincidence that the news was released yesterday evening, which was Valentine’s Day. 

Above is the video published by Mosseri on his Twitter profile to announce the Like function for the Stories following the promise made in early 2022 by Instagram to focus above all on improving the instant messaging platform. It is worth underlining that the count of likes on the Stories will not be made public but will remain visible only to the author, as has happened for some time now, even with the elimination of the number of likes received on the posts.


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