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Nokia: New Identity And New Smartphones Announced

After years, Nokia changed its logo and launched new, fully repairable smartphones. Will they be able to break through the market? Nokia will change forever: the company controlled by HMD has decided to relaunch the brand by creating a new identity and launching a new logo. Nokia smartphones, at the moment, will be positioned in the mid-market segment. The main competitors are Galaxy smartphones such as the A13 and A20e and the Honor X8.

However, the company has different aims: to become a leader in networks and industrial digitization. Nokia is still associated by many with the smartphone industry. Indeed, in the early 10s of 2000, it was the leader in the sector thanks to the many products launched over time. Over the years, the company has undergone significant changes by abandoning the Symbian operating system. Microsoft tried to launch their smartphones with Windows Phone, and the first Androids arrived with HMD.

Today the company wants to embark on a new path that looks more towards B2B and offers innovative B2C solutions compared to the current period that technology is experiencing. Nokia is working to establish itself in new industrial market segments. Not only that: the company has chosen to transfer the production of smartphones to Europe. Currently, Nokia products are fully assembled by Foxconn in Asia. As early as 2023, the industrial plan envisages work to ensure that production is completely moved to Europe.

Nokia G22: Features And Prices

In addition to the new corporate identity, Nokia has launched some new mid-range smartphones, but one model, in particular, has an exclusive feature. The new G22 will be Nokia’s first self-serviceable smartphone. This was made possible by collaborating with iFixit, a well-known portal for selling consumer electronics repair kits. Through iFixit, it will be available to anyone to purchase a piece of equipment to disassemble the Nokia G22, and spare parts will arrive, such as the battery, charging port, screen, and back cover.

The G22 is undoubtedly not a top-of-the-range smartphone: it integrates a 6.52-inch screen with 720p resolution and a refresh rate of up to 90 Hz. Beyond this, the front camera is a simple 8 MP, and the rear integrates three modules, including one 50MP and two 2MP. The RAM on board is 4GB and supports the Unisoc T606 processor. The internal memory is 64GB.

Nokia C22 And Nokia C32

The company has also launched two more traditional devices: the C22 and the C32. The first has a list price of 129 euros, and the second 149 euros. Regarding technical characteristics, the specifications are similar to what is done with the model described above. The strong point of all these devices is the software. Nokia has embraced a philosophy that Android is almost stock: in many cases, this choice improves the user experience offered by cheaper smartphones. 

The new logo, for the moment, has yet to be adopted by the smartphones presented during the MWC 2023. The new branding is already featured on company websites, social media, and elsewhere. With an eye to the future, Nokia has emphasized that it is trying to evolve networks to meet, for example, “the needs of the era of the metaverse.” The company intends to improve the quality of connectivity we currently have on fixed, mobile, and cloud networks.

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