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IP Torrents – Hosts Blockbuster Movies In Many Languages For Free [2023]

If you are a regular user of torrent sites and are fed up with downloading problems on those respective sites, don’t worry. We will share the prospectus of a very famous torrent site known as IP Torrents that has ten times faster downloading ability to its registered members.

IP Torrents is an invite-only torrent site which means that you can only access the website if any registered member invites you. One cannot browse the data on the site without signing up. The other option to register on the site is to buy an IP Torrents membership.

It is well-known for providing premium content. The site is recently renovated with premium and latest stuff. IP Torrents hosts blockbuster movies in many languages, TV shows, web series, games, and other entertainment aspects. It offers 10 x faster downloading speed compared to the other torrents. It is one of the significant reasons to say IP Torrents is an outstanding torrent site of all.

IP Torrents is a readily available site with innovative features. It assures a lot of flexibility to its users to download their favorite content at any time and from anywhere worldwide. It hold the 40th rank among torrents of this type. It uploads verified torrents, and it has rigid filters. It is reachable to all without objections and gives high downloading rates. It has a credit system where the person who gains credits will get upload bandwidth with them.

IP Torrents is not short of bans in many countries despite mind-blowing features as it is a private torrent site that promotes illegal or pirated content. If not in all torrents, there is a mix-up of all types of content. So, the IP Torrents website is not accessible in many places. There is a perfect solution to the problem. The site is accessible through proxy or mirror sites.

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100% working proxy and mirror sites of IP Torrents

if you fail to access the IP Torrents website, you can access the content on the site with the help of proxy and mirror sites. The proxy sites have the same design and content as the main website. But, they have a different IP address. So, it is difficult for the ISPs to track the proxy sites.

You may face login issues with the proxy sites, sometimes either due to the crash down of the internet or other technical glitches. To access the site, one must get an invite. Even to access the content on the main website, you must enter through a proxy site as the main website is blocked in many places.

The home page, content, features on the proxy site are the same as the main website. In other words, proxies are replicas of the main website. Mirror sites are identical twins of the main website. The only difference is they have different domain names. The operating speed of the proxy or mirror sites is also alike.

The proxy and mirror sites provide an equal range of premium stuff like movies, games, tv episodes of the main IP Torrents website. One of the best choices executed worldwide is through proxy or mirror site to unblock the IP Torrents website. The working list of proxy and mirror sites is below for your reference.

  • https://ipt.rock
  • iptorrents proxy UK
  • Iptorrent unblock proxy

How to unblock IP Torrents websites by using a good VPN service?

Due to the advancements in technology, ISPs can track down even the proxy and mirror sites nowadays. The latest firewalls are breaching through the proxies and mirrors. The most perfect and accurate method to bypass the ISPs is by using an authentic VPN service. A VPN is a private service that gives a different IP address and masks your identity. Nobody can track your internet activity. It allows you to visit websites of your interest freely.

So, along with the proxy or mirror sites, you may also use a good VPN service to unblock the IP Torrents website. However, a good VPN service costs a certain amount. To browse torrents sites safely and securely, a VPN service is a must. Some of the reliable VPN services are given below.

  • Nord VPN
  • Cyberghost VPN
  • Surshark VPN
  • Private Internet Access VPN
  • Torguard VPN
  • Express VPN
  • Hotspot Shield VPN
  • TunnelBear VPN
  • Open VPN
  • VPNBook

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Other alternatives to IP Torrents website

If you find it difficult to access the IP Torrents website, you can switch to its alternative websites with equally engaging content and features. A brief note is mentioned against each of them.

Pass The Popcorn

Pass The Popcorn is one of the best alternatives for IP Torrents. It has premium content just like the latter site, such as super hit movies, tv shows, classic movies, Hollywood movies in various languages, etc. Users can enjoy all films in all genres. It hosts 380000 torrents worldwide, and 35000 users visit the site globally. It is one of the largest torrent sites around the globe.


Bibliotik is famous for e-books and provides other entertainment content also. It is an extensive library of books belonging to different genres like niche books, classics, etc. The site is visited by 7000 people worldwide, and it stores 300000 torrents on its platform. It is a well-known private torrent site with beautiful features.

Bit Me

Bit Me is another private torrent site with unique features and excellent content. It is an e-learning tracker with e-learning books, audio files, e-novels, web design templates, design plugins, documentaries like BBC and Discovery, e-books, multimedia production, or models.


Redacted is an invite-only website that provides the content to registered users when someone invites you to the site. It has 1 million torrents on its website with 27000 followers. It also has prominent music trackers. It has audio songs, albums, and complete Discographies.

Anime Bytes

It is a world-renowned website with 16000 users and hosting 141000 torrent sites. It is one of the best private networks that are not inferior to public torrent sites. The content on the site is classified into different categories like their names, types, most-watched movies, current tv shows, and many more.

TV torrents .Com

TV torrents is a highly visited private torrent site with excellent benefits. Fifty thousand users visit the site globally, and it holds 162000 torrent files. TV torrents website lets users quickly locate the desired content by differentiating them under sections based on the names, trending tv shows, categories, etc.

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Final Say

We tried to put forward the full features and the working condition of IP Torrents. It is one of the fasted downloading private torrent sites with premium quality content. It does not compromise the quality of the content. It is a private torrent site. It is banned in many countries. So, in such places, you can access it through proxy and mirror sites that are identical to the main website. To browse the data more safely and securely, it is better to use a VPN service. Above all, the best solution to access premium content is by using a legal OTT platform to escape from the risks laid down by the government. Our sole purpose is to educate our visitors about the pros and cons of a torrent site and correctly guide them.

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