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Instagram Says Goodbye To TikTok-Style Feed – Users Don’t Like It

Instagram takes a step back and cancels the changes inspired by TikTok: users did not like the new feed inspired by the social most loved by young people. Instagram retraces its steps and changes its mind about the changes inspired by TikTok. The recent changes to the feed have not been liked by users and have sparked a controversy with a strong resonance and following.

The managers of the social network owned by Meta said they were ready to listen to the criticisms received and to cancel all the planned changes. Among the voices raised are those of the Kardashian sisters, real Instagram stars who have millions of followers—calling it too similar to TikTok and wishing Instagram to go back to the old days. At least at the moment, a request seems to have been accepted.

Instagram’s head safeguarded the application against a client reaction after the interpersonal organization sent off a progression of changes expected to make it more like its most despised rival TikTok. The changes, which incorporate a very algorithmic primary feed, a push for the help’s TikTok-style “reels” recordings, and significant advancement of the TikTok-style “remix” highlight, have brought about clients battling to track down satisfaction from loved ones when the bread and butter of the interpersonal organization.

Instagram: The Transformations Of The Social Network That Users Do Not Like

To raise the criticism was a choice that proved to be unsuccessful: to transform all the videos published on Instagram into a reel. A decision that is not at all liked by the historical users of the platform and by the influencers, who appreciate the characteristics that differentiate it from other social networks already present on the web. Mark Zuckerberg also announced an Instagram feed composed of more and more videos with fewer photographs and images. 

To be shown would have been above all those recommended by the Artificial Intelligence and not those of their contacts. The design change is also not appreciated: the users dislike the full-screen feed—critical stances, which Instagram intends to listen to. The TikTok notification of Instagram made a stride back as the Meta-possessed social application said Thursday it would cease a beta trial of a full-screen form of the feed and vowed to lessen the number of suggested recordings, photographs, and records that individuals see on Instagram. 

However, beyond a shadow of a doubt: Instagram is as yet placing its shoulder into video — proceeding to create and advance Reels forcefully. This TikTok-style highlight allows clients to record and share recordings of as long as 90 seconds. Meta’s promotion income from Reels (across Instagram and Facebook) is currently at a $1 billion yearly run rate, CEO Mark Zuckerberg told experts on the Q2 profit call. He added that the organization’s adaptation rate for Reels is still lower than Feed or Stories. However, longer term, “we’re sure that Reels will develop commitment by and large and quality and will ultimately adapt nearer to Feed.”

Instagram: What Happens Now

The criticisms made noise, and Instagram executives did not stand by. Despite being happy to have taken a risk from Instagram, they are ready to take a big step back and reorganize themselves on the changes. The number of posts recommended in the feed by the AI ​​will be immediately reduced considerably, at least at the moment. 

The new platform design was temporarily blocked, which made it very similar to TikTok. For now, Instagram has decided to listen to the opinions of users and to put aside all the changes conceived, but this does not exclude that in the not too distant future, we will return to talk about new changes to allow the application to keep up with the times and be competitive with other social networks.

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