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Practical Tips For Safe Web Browsing

Many news articles about antivirus programs run anti-malware scans to remove infections. But, as also happens in medicine, prevention is better than cure. A few precautions are enough for regular computer users to avoid viruses and malware that can infect the PC.

These precautions mainly concern using computers on the internet when browsing more or less morally correct web pages, when you want to download some programs, and when looking for pirated or illegal material such as movies or crack. In a certain sense, some of these practical tips for good computer use may also be trivial and obvious, but it is always better to reiterate and point them out.

Beware Of Faux Buttons With Download Or Play

Usually, these buttons are present on sites where you can download Torrents and, sometimes, even free and open source programs. Beware of fake versions of paid programs and even banners made with big “Download” buttons that download entirely different things. The fake “Play” is instead present on some websites that would promise to view films or videos in streaming or to listen to music.

Unfortunately, it is a dirty game, and the only way to defeat it is to be careful, navigate logically, and get into the habit of recognizing absolute links. Above all, it is better to rely on sites. An excellent way to spot bogus and deceptive buttons is to check the status bar at the bottom of the browser and see if the link is weird.

Use An Updated Web Browser

Browsers are the programs to browse the internet, so hackers constantly look for vulnerabilities to spy on how users use them. Browsers are continuously updated to cover any holes.

Ignore PopUps That Have Nothing To Do With An Antivirus

Unfortunately, it is increasingly easier to find banners and popups that pretend computer scans and convince users to install fake antivirus, making them believe that the PC is infected with malware. All popups and windows that open automatically should be ignored without exception.

Avoid Public Torrent Sites

As mentioned above, most torrent download sites carry malware and fake downloads. If you want to download with Torrents, you better know how to do it and where to search and avoid browsing blindly.

Beware Of Illegal Downloads

When you download free and illegal videos or programs, it takes even more attention. Some files lying around are not what they seem and can lead to unpleasant surprises.

Never Open Files Attached To An Email Sent By Strangers

If we receive e-mail messages from unknown senders with attachments, the extension likely carries an infection, so if in doubt, it is better to trash everything.

There Are Words That Are Best Not To Be Searched On The Web: Free, Earn, Download, Free, And The Like

Unfortunately, it will often happen on not entirely legitimate websites, malware, and unsafe sites. Some may be amazed, not only by how much most people are not careful on the internet but especially by those who are literally “fooled” by misleading advertisements and terms like “free.”

Create An Account On The Computer Without Administrator Rights For Other Family Members Or General Use

Using Windows with an administrator account leaves complete freedom of customization and configuration but also increases the risk of damage. Using a computer with a limited budget makes it impossible to cause permanent damage and system errors.

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