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How To Watch Disney + For Free And Save

We have all heard at least once about Disney +, the Disney streaming platform that is enjoying a lot of positive acclaim thanks to a rich and varied content catalog. There is no shortage of thick TV series (including those signed by Marvel), and successful films, starting with that animation.

There are many ways to activate a Disney + subscription, and perhaps by taking advantage of some offers or services that include the subscription. You could save something on the monthly or yearly expenses. In this guide, therefore, we will see the most convenient offers to sign up for a subscription and if there is any way to see Disney + for free.

How To Watch Disney + For Free

When Disney was launched in March 2020, it was possible to activate a complimentary trial lasting one week. To enable this option, it was necessary to go to the platform’s official website and press the “TRY FOR FREE” button. Then it was enough to enter your email and accept the general subscription conditions and a valid payment method.

Subsequently, the user would have had to disable the free trial before it expired to avoid paying for the subscription. Otherwise, the paid automatic renewal would be triggered. After some time, however, Disney decided to cancel this possibility. To date, therefore, a legal method to see Disney + for free does not exist. It will consequently be necessary to make an effort to find, if necessary, the way that allows you to save the most on the overall expenditure to be incurred.

How To Save By Activating A Disney + Annual Subscription

Although the one-week free trial no longer exists, Disney has made an offer that allows users to save around 20 euros in a year or almost two months. In fact, by activating the annual subscription, each user will pay a total of 89.90 euros, about 20 euros less (to be precise, 17.98 euros) than what would be paid by subscribing to a monthly subscription of 8.99 euros (which in a year require a cost of 107.88 euros).

Therefore, it is a valid promotion, even if it is not recommended for everyone. Especially for those who do not know the platform in-depth, it might be worth activating the one-month subscription and, if you are comfortable with the platform, subscribe to the annual one and thus save about 20 euros.

How To Save By Sharing A Disney + Account

Another way to save a little bit on your Disney + membership can be to activate a “shared membership.” In fact, with a single subscription, it will be possible to set up to 7 different user profiles associated with a maximum of 10 devices and watch the contents included in the catalog on four devices simultaneously. 

However, before continuing with the explanations, it is good to specify that Disney has consistently opposed the phenomenon of sharing credentials. Expressly, the paragraph dedicated to “License and Restrictions” states that “the user cannot and must not share his login credentials with third parties.” To start this procedure, carrying out particularly complex operations is not necessary. After logging into your account, simply:

  1. Press on the avatar of your profile at the top right;
  2. Click on “Add profile”;
  3. Choose your avatar and enter your username (in the case of a minor user, add the appropriate filter).

Therefore, you could save something on the final expense since the amount to be paid would be divided between various users. However, as stated above, Disney is absolutely against this phenomenon.

How To Save By Activating Disney + With TIMVISION

Activision, the TIM service, undoubtedly represents another good way to subscribe to Disney + advantageously. Specifically, TIM fixed network users can activate the “TIMVISION with Disney +” offer, which at € 9.99 per month offers the entire Disney + catalog Activision entertainment and the TIMVISION Box. Furthermore, for TIMUNICA subscribers, another offer is available, namely the one that includes TIMVISION and Disney +. 

Still, an important detail is three months of free subscription to both platforms. After the three months, it will be necessary to incur a monthly expense of 9.99 euros, without any restrictions. In short, if you also want to take advantage of the contents of TIMVISION, this promotion can undoubtedly be considered exciting and convenient.

How To Save By Activating Disney + With TIMVISION GOLD

Always staying at TIM, the latest offer to activate a Disney + subscription in an advantageous way can be represented by the “TIMVISION GOLD” promotion. And if you are passionate about streaming platforms, it is likely to be the offer for you. Specifically, this offer includes the contents of TIMVISION, Disney +, Netflix (Standard plan), DAZN, and Infinity + for 40.99 euros per month (for the first six months). 

Subsequently, it will be necessary to spend 45.99 euros per month. The expected activation cost is € 19.99, which scales to € 9.99 if you already have the TIMVISION Box. By activating this offer, each user can save 26 euros per month. By starting them individually, all these services provide a monthly cost of 66.95 euros. In short, not bad as a promotion, even if it is considered suitable for true fans of streaming content, from movies to TV series up to the excellent football of Serie A and the Champions League.

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