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How To Locate A Mobile Phone By Number

Location tracking is by no means a new concept. Humanity has been able to accurately detect the position of an object through triangulation, satellites, and GPS for many years. In 2020, we also leveraged this technology to track people’s movements and contacts to reduce the pandemic. 

While you may think that these means are only for use by government agencies, you should know that location tracking has become accessible to anyone who needs it. Gone are the days when you needed bulky antennas and satellite dishes. Currently, it is possible to monitor the location of anyone through a simple app installed on the mobile phone. Below we will find out just how to locate a cell phone by phone number and nothing else

How To Locate A Mobile Phone By Number

Localize.mobiles are one of the best modern and cutting edge location apps that you can use to track the location of the mobile and, therefore, of a person. It is much simpler than other solutions on the market and only requires a phone number to work. Below, we will show, in detail, how works and how you can start using it without any problems.

How Does The Localization App Work?

How does Localize. Mobile work? Simply put, Localized. Mobi uses a device’s phone number to track it accurately. This functionality is not standard, as other services require additional identification data to function. The most impressive thing about is simple. Whenever you need to track down a device, all you need is to know its phone number. Enter the phone number on the will send an SMS message to that phone with a tracking link. When the recipient reads the message and taps the link, you can immediately start real-time tracking. 

By accessing your control panel on the Localize website, you will be able to see the location of the monitored mobile phone at any time. You will see a map with the exact location at that time, as you can also see from the example figure below: You will not have to enter your phone number every time, do it once, and the system will memorize it so that every time you log in, you can immediately know the location of the mobile phone at that moment. Overall, this software is more straightforward than other location services, which may require additional information such as the IMEI and IP address of the device. reduces your chances of exposure and detection while monitoring the other person’s location.

Localize Compatibility

You don’t have to worry about device compatibility with Localize. Mobi as it supports different operating systems. Thanks to its web-based nature, you can use the service on iOS and Android devices. also works on any other operating system with a functional web browser. Also, you can use the software to track a cell phone, regardless of make and model. This comprehensive support for mobile phones makes is the ideal alternative among other technical localization services available.

Prices offers a trial version that allows you to verify its operation. There is also an affordable rate plan, starting at € 0.99 per day. It provides unlimited phone number searches for the first 72 hours, and billing comes in a monthly subscription package. You’d get accurate location tracking, unlimited phone number support, and global coverage for that amount. With all these features built-in, may just prove to be the most affordable phone location alternative.

Why Choose

If you are looking for a high-quality localization service, Localize. Mobi should be at the top of your list. However, why should you choose such a service? First of all, is 100% private and is an excellent way to locate a cell phone by cell phone number. It can be helpful to know, for example, where your children or your employees are. The monitored person will never know.

The application requires no installation, allowing you to skip the part where you physically access the target device and risk blowing coverage—also, Localized. Mobi works on any device, and this is good news for those who want a phone locator app that offers broad compatibility. That said, does the target use an iOS, Android, or Windows smartphone? It doesn’t matter with Localize. As all it needs, Mobi is the phone number of the device. Plus, you don’t have to worry about operating-system-specific settings and configurations for the app to work.


Nowadays, location tracking is accessible to more people, more than ever, thanks to new technologies. People have various reasons why they may want to track the location of a specific person. For example, an employer may want to know their worker’s location in the field by geolocating their phone number while they are at work. A parent may want to check where their children are on the map quickly, and partners may track their location to confirm suspicions of infidelity or to feel closer.

Whatever the reason you might want to locate a cell phone by phone number, you must use the appropriate software. The newly reviewed Localize app is an excellent choice because it offers a convenient, safe, and easy follow. Localize is a more modern and faster service than other alternatives on the market. With the guide above, you now have all the information you need about its inner workings and how to get started. All you have to do is access the service’s official website and register for a free account immediately after you can create a test to verify the accuracy of the detected position and ease of use.


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