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How To Increase E- Commerce Sales With Google

Google makes numerous tools available to online stores. Here are strategies and tips to increase the sales of your e-commerce. To increase online sales, Google offers a range of tools, starting with Merchant Center and Business Profile. Google Merchant Center is a free tool that allows those with e-commerce to upload the product catalog in XML format to Google. Google Business Profile is the business profile the card users find when they type in Google the name of the e-commerce or the keywords for which the shape is indexed. But how to increase online sales with Google, then? Here are all the tips.

Increase E-Commerce Sales: The Role Of Google Merchant

Google Merchant allows you to integrate the product catalog with Google Maps and will enable customers to buy what you sell on your website, through Google, or in your local store. When a user searches for a physical store, he can view the available products by clicking on his position on the map. While looking for a particular product, he can see which shops in the surrounding area sell it.

The function, which allows you to attract customers organically, can be integrated with Google Ads: in this way, “drive to store” campaigns can be carried out to guide customers into the store. And to understand who is a loyal customer and who is arriving for the first time. Therefore, those with e-commerce or even a physical store can benefit infinitely from Google Merchant.

How To Connect Google Merchant To Your E-Commerce

To connect Google Merchant to your e-commerce, it is necessary to proceed as follows:

  1. Log into the Merchant Center;
  2. Click on “Settings” and then on “Connected Accounts”;
  3. Click on “Business Profiles”: if you find your email address, click “Connect,” or click on “Owner and manager of the business profile” and then on “More” to enter the email address you have signed up for the Merchant Center;
  4. The connection will be automatic if you are the Merchant Center account administrator or the business profile’s owner or manager.

By linking Google Merchant, Business Profile, and your e-commerce, the products uploaded to the Merchant Center (a digital inventory) are offered by Google in the Images and Shopping sections. When carrying out an operation of this type, it is essential to take care of the SEO. Each product page within the e-commerce must contain a meta title, an H1 and a description with the most relevant keywords, and original, optimized images with a weight not exceeding 100 kb. If you sell other people’s products, transcribing the manufacturer’s description is a mistake: always write original content so as not to be penalized by Google.

Google Shopping Campaigns To Increase Online Sales

Google Shopping campaigns are among the most significant devices for expanding on web deals. What’s more, they are firmly associated with Google Merchant. To understand the developments, Google Shopping takes all the essential data from here: titles, depictions, and objective URLs. Three kinds of promotions can be made with Google Shopping. 

The most well-known item shopping promotion contains a picture, title, value, name of the online business, and all important data for the client. It is the commercial through which only one item is supported. On the other hand, you can make an exhibit shopping promotion, which shows numerous items together, or a locally accessible item advertisement, which gives data about the impacts the client can purchase face to face in the actual store. To begin a Google Shopping effort, you want to:

  1. Sign into your Google Ads account;
  2. Click on “Missions”, “+” and “New mission”;
  3. select “Shopping” and “Next”;
  4. fill in the different fields.

Give your mission a name and, in the Merchant segment, select the Merchant Center record that contains the items you need to promote. Characterize which country you need to offer the items to (with the goal that promotions show up from can be reached by delivery), and settle on the kind of proposition and the day-to-day spending plan. It is fundamental to understand the omnichannel rationale to increment online deals, particularly on the off chance that you likewise have an actual store notwithstanding internet business. 

Clients, whether on the web or face to face, look for the items they need on Google: later, they choose whether to get them on the web or in the store. It is, in this way, essential to fabricate critical correspondence, on the web and disconnected, to guarantee the congruency of the store yet additionally – or more all – of web-based business. Online deals are accessible 24/24, all things considered, and are a valuable asset for everybody. No matter the item sold and the area of your store, think about opening a web-based business: on account of the apparatuses that Google makes accessible, you can build your deals and, like this, your turnover.

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