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How To Get More Likes On Your Facebook Page

In the abyss of the kingdom of the internet, many fantastic stories are told of the exploits of anonymous knights who managed to capsize the hearts of thousands of fans thanks to their credit cards alone.

What bravery. You will have guessed that we were talking about the fraudulent techniques of gaining followers that abound on unethical websites, offering a certain number of ‘likes’ at competitive prices. However, as we are friendly, we offer you today a free tutorial, free of charge, without a credit card, just for you, since for us, your success means ours. How to get a lot of likes on Facebook? Based on an infographic by Quicksprout. Let’s go!

Step 1 :

Be sure to provide as much information about yourself as possible on the page, from email to postal address to a detailed description of your business. To prevent Internet users from slipping through the cracks of your Facebook page, embellish it and make it attractive so that we do not remain indifferent to it. 

2nd Step :

Use your existing social network, i.e., your friends, to feed your page with new ‘followers.’ The impact of the network of friends is often underestimated, but it offers you the possibility of gaining new followers quickly.

Step 3:

Like street vendors in the alleys of the city of Algiers or rose sellers during the Renaissance, you will have to shout loud and clear to make your page known. The miracle formula, unfortunately, does not exist. However, you now have access to many social networks and other computer tools, allowing you to spread the news and bring back more and more curious Internet users.

Using different social networks like Twitter or Instagram, you can insert the link to your Facebook page and thus direct your audience to it. Seduce your contact list by sending them emails explaining the added value you can bring them. For best results, offer a gift (an eBook, Mp3, Ebook, etc.) to people when they like and join your page.

Step 4:

Optimize your site by inserting as many Facebook ‘buttons’ as possible to retain your audience. Giving users the possibility to ‘Like’ your publications, as well as to comment and share them, will only be beneficial for your page. Moreover, they will feel closer to the page and will not hesitate to share it. Do not hesitate to show off your number of followers on your Facebook page since it will only strengthen the credibility and visibility of the page, which will attract even more people.

Step 5:

Facebook allows you to make your page known through advertisements that it will insert in users’ news feeds, so why not take advantage of it? Several pages have tried the experiment and seen their follower base explode in a few days. I prefer quality to quantity. Target an audience that may be interested in what you offer. Constantly renew your posts to avoid looking like a boring page over time. 

Step 6:

Using tools like the Dream Scroll Trigger Box, you can reshape your page so that the ‘Like’ button is always visible as you move through the page or pop-up windows asking to put I like instead of the email. However, it would help if you didn’t fall into the trap of making people click only on “like” but rather seek to create super fans who will share the content of your Facebook page with their friends.

People are your Fans and Friends because they love what you do. Your voice on Facebook should be authentic to your brand and authentic to you. Be authentic and original in what you offer, and do not hesitate to use all the tools that Facebook or other social networks offer you to make yourself known and boost your audience.

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