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Facebook Ads: 4 Tips For Creating Effective Ads

For years, Facebook has been at the top of the tools most used by companies for their marketing (Facebook Ads). Those who are more attentive have noticed that there has been an evolution in the methods of publication and the type of direct response from users. Writing Facebook ads or posts is no longer that simple or even that obvious. 

If, until recently, it was enough to make a sort of “summary” of the blog post and bounce it on various social networks, today, things have changed, and it is increasingly difficult to emerge and reach potential customers. We need targeted, effective, usable, and direct content, but above all, we need strategies that make your brand stand out among all the others. Let’s see, in general, the situation of this powerful marketing tool and what you can do to attract customers to your professional studio or company by making the most of Facebook.

Facebook Ads: The Type Of Post That Works

It’s no secret that Facebook has invested heavily, if not entirely, in the video. Why? Because video is an immediate, impactful tool that immediately captures the user’s attention. With the advent of the web, our lifestyle has undergone a sudden acceleration, we are increasingly in a hurry, and when we look for something, we want to find it immediately, and if we can’t find it on the page we are browsing, we move on to another one.

As a result, concentration-time has collapsed, and a marketing giant like Facebook knows this very well, so the video has become a highly effective tool and, more generally, all visual communication channels. Several online tools allow us to structure captivating videos with pre-set themes and some customization functions. Or, we can use the traditional professional means, the paid ones, to have an even more intelligent return of approval from our followers.

This does not mean we should abandon the classic text posts, but a good percentage, about 70%, should be video content. Of course, this is a very general discussion, and if you want to use Facebook as a marketing tool for your business, you will have to check everything in the field.

The Best Time To Run Facebook Ads

Once you have established the content to be published, you have to decide when to publish them. And yes, because posting in the morning, at lunchtime, or in the evening is different for everyone. Keep in mind that most companies usually post during the business day. This leads to greater competition during those hours and less or at least non-optimized engagement. 

Then try to publish in the evening, when your potential customers are more relaxed, with fewer commitments, and more concentrated on reading the various posts, not with the frenzy of a long working day. The same goes for the weekend or public holidays in general. The best thing, however, is to carry out tests, thus publishing Facebook ads or posts to create involvement at different times of the day; it will then be enough to check the insights, i.e., the statistics of your company page, to understand the trend. Follow.

The Length Of Posts

Now let’s tackle a fairly debated topic: how long should a post be? Facebook advises us to use short posts since users like them more. Besides, who has the desire and the time to read a long post? Let the pictures do the talking, right? These are quicker to grasp, attract attention, and refrain from forcing the user in front of the screen for several minutes. The average attention span of a user is currently measured at around 9 seconds!

Naturally, this is not a universal rule; there is such interesting content and well-written copy that it is well worth reading, and in fact, they are read. It, therefore, takes a certain versatility and flexibility when writing Facebook posts. For example, at the beginning of the post, you can write something that attracts and intrigues; the content of the post must then be interesting; action is needed, and for this purpose, you can, depending on your business, insert emojis that have the function of breaking the wall of words and bring the user closer to the brand, making him feel more at ease and not in front of an institutional press release.

The Images Of A Post

Images on social networks have always had a dominant role; today, they have been overtaken by the communicative power of videos. However, images on Facebook are useful; on the contrary, they continue to have value, but they must be extraordinary, in the sense of being out of the ordinary, therefore not trivial and not with a bad resolution. It’s then up to you to know what to communicate and what impact that image should have. It all depends on what you want to convey with your post.

Why Post An Online Business On Facebook

Now it is clearer why so many companies have created their page on Facebook and why it is important to make the most of this social network. Suppose you want a marketing system that allows you to create a process for professionals or to acquire customers for your company. In that case, you must recognize the use of Facebook, and clearly, the better you know it, the more possibilities it will open up to you.

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