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How To Edit Google Site Links

While appearing in the top search engine results is essential, looking intriguing is much more. Luckily, Google helps us through site links, i.e., those links found in the SERPs immediately below our domain name. Is it still possible to edit Google sitelinks? Today we will see together how to make our site more attractive to those looking on Google. It is not enough to finish first. A considerable percentage of users could also reach the site through Google’s links, which is essential to facilitate user searches.

What Are Site Links?

We should undoubtedly ask ourselves what site links are and why they are so crucial to our site. In a nutshell, site links are nothing more than the links that Google extrapolates from our site through artificial intelligence. It positions immediately below the domain in the SERPs. These links don’t always appear. They usually come up when we Google directly for a brand or company name. For example, here are the site links if we Google the Repubblica site.

We are sure that you have certainly understood better what we are talking about after this picture. Here, as you can see, site links are handy for the user. In this way, for example, by simply searching for the word “Republic,” we have a sort of shortcut that allows me to reach the “Politics” category with a click. In addition to this critical feature, site links, let’s face it, also cut a good figure. Google, however, is not always able to understand well which are the links that have relevance for us, and we would like them to be in that position.

How To Get Site Links

What do you say? Did you try to search for your brand, but the site links didn’t appear? Do not worry. Not everyone is lucky enough to have site links. Indeed, more than luck, we would say skill. It is true that Google independently decides which sites to reward with this visibility badge but, clearly, the factors that affect the choice are many.

Indeed one of the most critical factors is represented by the rank of the site and its authority. As we should already know, content has always been the daily bread of search engines. Creating quality content for our site allows us to position ourselves better and have more authority over the issues we deal with. To have site links, therefore, you need to be patient, take care of your site and try to scale the SERPs through consistency to be attractive to Google, as well as to the end-user.

Sitelinks In The Old Version Of Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a handy tool that allows you to report things to Google and, above all, collects valuable information on how search engines view your site. Recently, this instrument has undergone a very important restyling. Unfortunately, however, some features have been removed. Among the removed functions there is, in fact, that of being able to report to Google which links we consider most useful for end-users. Here are the steps to remove site links from the old version of Search Console for the record.

  1. Log into the Google Search Console
  2. Click on the Search Appearance menu and then on the Sitelinks item
  3. From here, we had the option to remove the sitelinks chosen by Google

Sitelinks In The New Version Of Google Search Console

Be that as it may, what occurred with the new form of Search Console? Tragically, Google has chosen not to pay attention to web administrators any longer, inclining toward artificial consciousness. It will then, at that point, be a calculation to pick the site connected to show for us. To report it is Google itself, through this note: “We possibly show site links in outcomes when we accept they are helpful to the client. If your site structure doesn’t permit our calculations to identify substantial site joins, or then again, if we assume that your site’s connections are not pertinent to the client’s question, they are not shown.

Right now, site links are computerized. We are working indefatigably to develop a webpage to connect calculations further, and, later on, ideas from web administrators might be coordinated. Be that as it may, you can follow best practices to work on the nature of your site joins. For instance, for inward connections on your site, ensure you use anchor text and alt text that is educational, brief, and without redundancy. “

Add And Remove Sitelinks

So how would we add or eliminate joins from the site connect? It is fundamental to focus on the accepted procedures that Google proposes. While the facts confirm that Big G can handle our site joins, it is likewise a fact that semantics can assist with looking through motors. We recommend you generally use anchor and alt text on your connections, particularly those in the primary menu. 

The fact that it has excellent semantics makes the last option, in addition, significant. Hence, utilizing the “NAV” tag is a perfect practice to demonstrate a route menu. Using these straightforward stunts, much of the time, Google will have no issue extricating joins that we accept will bear some significance with our end clients.


As we have seen, the site links represent a different arrow to our bow that we will have to try to make the most of. Our site’s look on search engines is just as good as the position it manages to get in the SERPs. This is an essential aspect, not to be underestimated. A well-structured and easy-to-navigate site is pleasant for the end-user and helps Google better understand helpful information.


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