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How To Classify A Character Set

Choosing the right font is essential, but understanding the differences between the various characters is not easy: here are the best programs to help your business. It is often the case that you have to deal with typography when designing a logo, creating an advertisement, or when trying to arouse a particular emotion in people watching a presentation. The choice of the font, even if it may seem trivial, is very important to define the brand’s identity and express a strong coherence with the rest of the corporate communication.

However, disentangling yourself in the world of fonts is not an easy task. Although the fonts have been divided into different families by subject matter experts, the differences between two fonts belonging to the same category could escape the untrained eye. Without a guide, you could choose the wrong font or a variant of what would be perfect for your reality. Various applications can directly recognize the fonts that the user sees on another site or in an advertisement to eliminate or at least reduce this risk. These programs also allow you to create custom fonts and install new ones on your devices. Here is a guide to the best font graders.


Available for both Mac and Windows and Linux, FontBase is free software that allows you to organize a large number of fonts. With FontBase, users can instantly choose and use single fonts or entire collections with a simple click. Thanks to the ease of use of drag-and-drop, you can quickly add several folders and subfolders within the application.

Users can organize fonts by creating collections and syncing all fonts across different desktops using Dropbox. This program is suitable for both beginners who have to deal with a low number of fonts and professionals in the sector who struggle with more than 10,000 different characters every day. The speed and immediacy of FontBase operations remain the same, regardless of the number of characters saved.

Criminal Bird Typeface

Available for Mac devices only, Criminalbird Typeface is a paid program. The cost is $ 9.99 and allows users to range between many different activities, all related to the world of typefaces. The use is simple and immediate, thanks to the numerous keyboard shortcuts and filters. Thanks to this program, it is possible to know the characteristics of the fonts in detail, starting from the baselines, the cap heights and the type of binding.

Facilitates the recognition of fonts that look very similar, thanks to overlays. Through overlapping different fonts, users are nurtured to recognize the differences and common characteristics at a glance. If you are looking for a font that has specific peculiarities, you can perform searches that can hide fonts that do not meet the required requirements. Finally, with Criminal Bird Typeface, it is possible to export fonts to PDF and print them.


Suitcase remains among the paid options but raises the retail price slightly, which comes in at $ 119.95. Those unsure about investing in this purchase can take advantage of a free trial. This software is a universal font manager for Mac, Windows and iOS. You can also find fonts from popular programs, including Photoshop, InDesign, InCopy and After Effects.

As in the programs listed, Suitcase Fusion allows you to organize font folders and create actual collections and mockups. The groups designed can be shared on the cloud with other users, even by accessing them from different devices. Users can access Google’s font library and save their favorite fonts in PNG format. Apple device owners can also take advantage of syncing their collections on iOS.


Among the best font management programs, MainType offers both premium and free plans. Available only for Windows, it was designed for professionals who need access to advanced features. If you continue with the Premium plan, the software price is $ 49. Thanks to this program, users can compare up to five different fonts by selecting and dragging them into the information panel with the drag-and-drop functionality. You can search for characters using simple keywords and classify fonts based on many different characteristics, including type and width. Finally, MainType allows you to create a backup of your font library and fix corrupted font problems with a single click.


An excellent alternative for Mac devices is RightFont, a paid application that allows you to work in groups. Users can save fonts and work from any device by syncing to Google Drive and Dropbox. Searching for fonts becomes very simple with this program, thanks to the ability to filter characters based on width, classification and many other characteristics. Like other applications, even with the right font, you can create folders and collections, customize fonts, and view the result in real time.


If you do not want to install or purchase software on your device, you can use WhatFont, an extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari that allows you to identify the fonts of any page on the web. Just click on the extension icon and position the mouse cursor exactly where the word concerned is to find out what font you are looking at. WhatFont has a high degree of precision and often manages to identify the characters in the images.

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