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How To Choose The Best Wearable Model On The Market?

Many wearable devices on the market vary in price, functions and specific types suitable, that is, for targeted use, as in the case of fitness accessories. Smart bands are among the cheapest devices on the market. They can perform the most specific functions, such as a pedometer or monitoring of vital functions such as heart rate, pressure and saturation. The best-performing models also have a tiny monitor for notifications and NFC functions for wireless payments. Choosing such a device has many positive sides: first of all, the competitive price, which allows you to have an extremely reliable solution with a few tens of Euros; the battery life, which on some models quickly reaches 30/40 days; the practicality due to the small size and the negligible weight. 

Smartband, light, cheap and with significant autonomy; the best-selling wearable devices ever at a low price. Smart rings represent another category of extremely intuitive devices designed for NFC payments or to access specific applications without needing a password or fingerprint reader. The strong point of this accessory is undoubtedly the highly advantageous price and a refined and trendy look. Smartwatches are equally widespread and, in some ways, represent the natural evolution of the functions of smart bands. These devices also guarantee the use of many applications developed for the most varied situations; allow the reading of notifications on the screen; enable you to interface with voice assistants, NFC payments, and much more. 

Among the most valuable features is the 360 ​​° monitoring of the user’s vital functions and health conditions. The smartwatches are also highly customizable, with themes explicitly designed to make each watch one of a kind. In addition to practicality, these devices also take great care of aesthetics, with shapes, colors and dimensions that faithfully reproduce those of the most modern wristwatches. In this case, however, the prices are much higher than the smart bracelet, with accessories ranging from € 200 up to € 800 with the top of the range of the most famous brands. Smartwatches are not only a concentration of technology but are also trendy accessories designed to adapt to the wearer’s style. 

Fitness trackers are designed to track physical stats, such as heart rate, number of steps, and intensity of workouts. They are intended to record exercises and provide data and valuable information for physical activity. They have integrated a GPS to track the distance accurately traveled on foot or by bicycle. Everything is synchronized with the application on the smartphone that keeps track of the progress made and can help construct a personalized training path. Also, in this specific case, they are available in different versions with prices that can well exceed € 300 depending on the model’s more or less particular characteristics. 

The wearables are more than just earphones and offer many specific functions, from noise cancellation to real-time translation. There are thousands of models on the market that start from a few tens of Euros up to the top of the range with peaks of € 4/500. The smart solution designed specifically for the ear is wearable, from music to calls, through noise reduction and real-time translations. Smart glasses are still relatively rare on the market due to high prices and marginal use of virtual reality and augmented reality. 

However, experiments are underway to make the world a genuinely interactive place with the user who will find himself “projected” in front of his eyes all the information about his surroundings. At the moment, however, few models are in circulation, and they have features mainly related to entertainment. Still, in the future, they could become one of the leading technologies in multiple sectors. Moreover, there are devices designed specifically to help people with visual or hearing impairments, managing to amplify what they have around, somehow enhancing the perception of the user. Here too, we are talking about scarce and expensive solutions, available only in the form of prototypes used in particular medical facilities.

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