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6G, Artificial Intelligence And Metaverse: The Tests Are Underway

The tech world opens up more and more to the metaverse and does so thanks to the combination of 6G and artificial intelligence, and the first tests have started. Other than 5G! The new technologies carry on with the work and prepare the ground for the metaverse with a good combination: of 6G and artificial intelligence. These two pawns are moving on the chessboard of technological progress. By now, we are moving towards total digitization.

With the metaverse concept, a natural gateway has been opened towards virtual worlds that the great science fiction writers had only vaguely hypothesized. Today science is far surpassing the fantasies of the past novelists, transforming into a reality that sometimes the imagination cannot even understand.

6G And Artificial Intelligence, The Requirements Of The Metaverse

On balance, 5G is not yet available for everyone, but the first tests for 6G, the future connection, have already started. Undoubtedly, it will represent the new standard in a few years, and it is equally sure that it will need the proper infrastructure to cover as many areas as possible. The world of technology, however, seems to be turning more and more towards a carbon copy of the real one. The concept of virtual is mingling with our physical matter, transcending form to substance and becoming something completely new.

Today they call it metaverse, this virtual universe beyond ours, a real parallel world that will allow us to perform virtual actions without needing to move from the sofa. Home. Some find all this abhorrent, while others see it as an ultra-millionaire business and invest regardless of expenses. It will probably be the task of the new philosophers to think about the possible consequences of this creation. Still, in the meantime, technology does not stop and, assisted by scientific progress, goes on its way.

The First Tests For New Technologies

The incredible speed of 6G will be enough, as well as the enormous computing capacity of artificial intelligence. Here is the perfect match for the new technological world we are creating. If we compare the speed of 5G to that of 6G, we have a practical example of the step that awaits us. The first allows a download of 2 Giga per second, while the sixth generation connection will enable downloads of 1000 Giga per second. However, it still takes a few years to reach this milestone, and the researchers hope to finish the work by 2029.

Such a speed will allow zero response times between the natural and virtual worlds. Returning to the metaverse concept, with such rapidity, it will be possible to carry out the command and simultaneously see the consequences of one’s action in the virtual reality we are experiencing. The contribution of artificial intelligence to 6G, as mentioned, will provide the necessary assistance to improve interactions between the user and the tool, thanks to the increasing performance of machine learning. Meanwhile, more and more companies are experimenting with technological progress and aiming straight at the metaverse, accelerating to have the sixth-generation connection.

Development Of 6G, Where Are We

Artificial Intelligence consciousness will assume a part in information assortment and handling. Today 5G can arrive at a limit of 2 gigs each second. We are talking about 1,000 gigabytes per second or one terabyte for the sixth-generation connection. This is why the advent of the 6G is defined as transitioning from the Giga to the tera economy. Discussions on the standardization of the 6G network are expected to start in 2025, and the commercialization of the technology is scheduled for 2029.

Compared to 5G, the protocol will provide higher data transfer speeds, lower latency, and higher overall reliability. The tests on the 6G have already been started by different realities, for example, LG. So far, it has been shown that it is possible to transmit data in the band between 155 and 175 gigahertz up to a distance of 320 meters outdoors. The previous record was 100 meters.

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