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Giving Character To The Chatbot Is A Winning Strategy

More and more companies today add a chatbot to their websites, i.e., a digital assistant that facilitates conversations with users to achieve strategic objectives more quickly. Its constant presence, 24/7 availability, and the ability to manage the most common requests in a few moments are some of the elements that have contributed to spreading this technology. But why do many users need to reach the end of the flow before they abandon conversations?

Filling Out A Form Vs. Participating In A Conversation

One of the main objectives of chatbots is to lead the user to conversion through an alternative strategy to that adopted by other channels. Precisely for this reason, it must be able to stand out and offer something more, avoiding simply taking the user to a “sterile” form to fill in, a means that could discourage him.

It happens differently if a person participates in a conversation similar to the one he would have with a physical interlocutor. It is, in fact, more accessible to answer the questions of a friendly character with whom we have a pleasant conversation. As it would happen inside a shop, the best salespeople ask questions, try to get to know the customers, listen to their needs and make direct choices based on the collected answers. The customer is willing to give honest answers only if they are comfortable.

The Personification Of The Brand

The first step to take is to identify the brand identity. Every company has its characteristics, just like a person: values, ways of acting, and objectives to achieve. Therefore, The chatbot must perfectly identify its language, way of relating to customers, and way of speaking to them.

If the chatbot used a tone of voice unrelated to the company, it would appear out of place and risk discrediting the entire brand image. For this reason, it is good to precisely define the brand’s personality, keeping it in mind and not stumbling upon personal influences. This becomes a unique opportunity: each brand has its language, and each chatbot will, therefore, be different from the others and highly identifiable.

Do You Know Who You’re Talking To?

Once the brand’s personality and, therefore, of the chatbot has been identified, it is essential to know your target. Who are the users who visit your website? They can be, for example:

  1. Boys
  2. Young adults/adults
  3. Women men

But age or gender are not the only criteria to take into consideration. For example, what are the reasons that push them to enter? Could be:

  1. professionals who know precisely what they need
  2. Commercial people looking for the best business opportunities
  3. Parents seeking information for their children
  4. people looking for customer service to solve a problem

Obviously, for each of them, it will be necessary to use a different approach, which can create a conversation that is as pleasant as it is functional to the individual needs. To identify the target, it is necessary to analyze the requests and interactions received through the contact channels, such as telephone, e-mail, registration form, call center, etc. 

One Goal, Infinite Ways To Achieve It

At this point, all that remains is to give voice to the chatbot. Depending on the strategic objectives that are generally common (for example, information collection, direct contact, and e-commerce sales), the same questions asked in totally different ways can be developed.

The chatbot on a site dedicated to DIY will not be able to speak like a chatbot present on a site offering insurance, even though the objectives may be the same. Do you want to see how a different language can make a difference? Try asking our chatbot something and meeting all its personalities.

Two Examples Of Unique Chatbots That Work

Although many companies still limit themselves to inserting a chatbot with a very formal and anonymous tone of voice, there are also some cases in which the chatbot has become a real personality known and used several times by users precisely because they have managed to create a bond with them.

National Geographic

The most famous popularizer of science and culture uses a chatbot via Facebook Messenger as an additional information channel. As is known, National Geographic is capable of narrating and inspiring scientific topics thanks to an engaging, informal language suitable for anyone. His chatbot represents this perfectly: it’s like talking to a friend.


To promote the release of the film Secret Empire, Marvel developed a chatbot that simulates a conversation with one of the most popular superheroes among adults and children: Spider-Man. Users thus found themselves involved in a conversation in perfect Spider-Man style, exciting, bold, and sometimes cheeky.

A Custom Chatbot On Your Website

As we have seen, a customized chatbot can make a difference on any website that wants to offer prompt and efficient service to its customers. At Site by Site, we help you identify the specific objectives of the digital strategy, create your company’s identity, and create a chatbot with the most suitable tone of voice to bond with potential customers and convert contacts.

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