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E- Commerce What Is It? What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages?

What Is E- Commerce?

There is no single meaning of internet business that lets us know a web-based business, regardless of whether Wikipedia offers us a brief reply: “Internet business can allude to the arrangement of exchanges for the showcasing of merchandise. Also, administrations between maker (supply) and customer (request), acknowledged through the Internet.” As a general rule, we can say that this definition is proper, regardless of whether numerous factors become possibly the most crucial factor that it doesn’t consider. 

An online business is done out of many elements that separate the sort and include various disciplines: technical data innovation to correspondence, from advertising to illustrations, and administrative and lawful issues. It is likewise vital to consider the reasons that lead an organization to sell its items or administrations through the web and recognize which ones base an enormous piece of their business on web-based presence.

E- Commerce

Once more, there is no single meaning of electronic trade; one might say that it is the arrangement of exchanges that happen through the web to advertise labor and products between maker or provider and purchaser. It is, in this manner, an online business PC action that is completed both with the assistance and with the item advertised through the web.

Different Types Of E- Commerce

There are different types of electronic commerce, but we will focus on showing the most common:

  1. Business to Business (B2B): The exchange of supplies, products, or services between one company. This type of trade is often automated thanks to the Internet. It includes a much larger area of ​​exchanges than those that take place directly to the final consumer, as each company has specific needs, such as transport, technical or IT services. . Other companies or businesses meet these needs.
  2. Business to Consumer (B2C): this term indicates all forms of online sales intended directly for the customer. Thanks to the web, the deal becomes faster, skipping the intermediaries and often guaranteeing more accessible prices and customer assistance 24 hours a day.

How E- Commerce Works

Since we know the meaning of online business we want to discuss internet business administrations. It is the last option that has the effect: convenience, client help, free transportation, the chance of profits, are on the whole parts of the internet business administration these days valuable for being fruitful with your web-based business. 

Notwithstanding the item and how it is introduced to the likely purchaser, various factors additionally impact the web-based buy choice that has now turned into an essential piece of the approaches of the biggest internet-based stores like Amazon, Zalando, Yoox, Privalia, Asos, and so on. You can ask us for a free interview to realize how to best form your internet-based business.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of An E- Commerce Site

When a company decides to open e-commerce, it must, first of all, understand what are the advantages that this tool can bring to the business, and at the same time, keep an eye on the disadvantages. Here is a list of general positive and negative components to consider for any online sales initiative.


  1. Reaching a more significant number of potential customers: whether B2B or B2C, there is no doubt that the network opens the door to an infinite potential of people who can take advantage of e-commerce to get to know the company, ask for information or buy.
  2. Cost reduction: maintaining e-commerce does not cost as much as supporting the costs of a physical store because online management costs are significantly reduced.
  3. Adding an essential piece to communication: having e-commerce for a company that has already started is an excellent way to achieve further visibility on the web, reaching a more significant number of people and taking advantage of the opportunity to generate online interactions.


  1. Online payments: it must be taken into account that, despite the growth, many people are still wary of buying online because they do not know the procedures well and are afraid of spreading their banking data on the web.
  2. Incorrect practices: in addition to not running into unfair commercial practices, you need to know how to manage customer requests, which sometimes are not exactly in line with what is expected once the e-commerce is opened.
  3. Business plan: To manage e-commerce, you need a strategy, time, and staff resources that deal with legal or marketing aspects.

Online purchases are constantly increasing, and the advent of Covid-19 has undoubtedly increased the volume of remote sales with peaks that have touched + 300%. Still little compared to other countries. This is the time to invest in eCommerce to reach customers looking more and more often online for the products they need.


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