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Chrome Add-Ons: These Extensions Optimize Google’s Browser

Chrome is very extensive, but with the right add-ons, the browser turns up! We show the 100 best Chrome extensions. Most Internet users swear by the Google Chrome browser. His brisk working pace, constant improvements, and regular security updates are well received. But even the best software cannot meet the individual needs of every user. Thanks to numerous extensions, the range of functions can be expanded almost indefinitely. We present the 100 most popular add-ons for Google Chrome in the following picture gallery.

Must-Have Add-Ons For Google Chrome

Extensions that bring you great benefits with little effort fall into the “quite handy” category. You can stream TV channels from all over the world directly in Google’s browser, download video files or search for translations of individual words or entire sentences in no time at all. If you want to save money when shopping online, you can keep an eye on current price developments with the right plugins for Amazon and eBay. You don’t even have to leave Chrome to edit images or take screenshots. Several extensions are also available for various social media platforms.

Translate Words, Sentences Or Entire Websites

Are you often confronted with foreign-language content? The Google Translate Chrome add-on simplifies access to Google’s translator of the same name. Select a passage of text and right-click. The service will interpret it for you. Entire websites can also be translated into more than 100 languages ​​at the touch of a button.

Chrome Extensions: Safety First

Anyone who surfs the Internet often works with sensitive data, including online banking IDs, passwords and personal information. Therefore, you should take precautions for security and data protection. The right extensions warn you about malicious websites, manage your passwords, and block snooping functions and questionable cookies. Other tools protect you from insidious scripts that secretly use up your PC’s processing power, possibly even permanently damaging your hardware.

The Chrome add-on “Avira Browsing Protection” protects your computer and your privacy from dangers from the Internet. The tool checks websites for malware, prevents your data from being forwarded, and blocks tracking through advertisements or buttons and widgets on social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

You disguise your IP address with a suitable VPN extension – you then surf the Internet anonymously. Practical: Via VPN, you can also unlock content from websites such as YouTube, Tumblr or Twitter that may be blocked in your country. More than 50 countries are available to you, for example, Canada, Japan, India, the Netherlands and Australia.

Google Chrome: Change The Theme With Plugins

You can also customize the look of Google Chrome, thanks to numerous add-ons. How to change the face of the entire browser or individual tabs. Changing background images, texts and widgets provide variety. If you sit in front of the PC a lot, it strains your eyes. To counteract this effort, so-called “dark themes” or “dark modes” darken websites and make the surfing experience much more pleasant.


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