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How To Take Photos To Post On Instagram

Instagram was born as a social network dedicated to photos: the best tips for taking photos to publish on your profile and in Stories. Instagram is an incredible tool to make yourself known, develop a brand, or share your experiences. His language is images, so knowing how to take beautiful photos, whether they are for a post or a story, is essential to have fun and have good results by making the most of this social network.

There is no instruction manual on how to take the perfect photo, but with this guide, we will try to give you all the tools and tips you need to take beautiful photos and post them on Instagram in the most effective way possible. Whether it’s about products, the story of a day in the snow or your next project, a photograph will be able to communicate it thousands of times faster than a text: this is the real power of Instagram.

Choose The Topic And What You Want To Communicate

  1. A photograph comprises two main elements: a subject and a setting. Through the dialogue of these two fundamental components, it is possible to tell endless stories.
  2. If you want to talk about your experience, then the subject will be you, and the way you interact with your surroundings will be the message of your photograph.
  3. If, on the other hand, you want to show a product, the best way to tell it is to place it in its natural environment (a pair of skis planted in the snow or a sweater on a nice blanket).
  4. You can also work for similarities or contrasts, letting your message take more creative and varied forms ever. Or, you can communicate the most diverse sensations with a photo: relaxation, productivity, fun, adventure, passion and curiosity.
  5. The world is your palette, and the camera (reflex, mirrorless or even that of a smartphone ) is your brush. However, one ingredient is still missing to take those photos that always generate interaction on social networks: emotion.

Think About Conveying Emotions

  1. A photograph must convey a feeling, no matter what, but if an image gives off an emotion, your audience will be able to recognize themselves within it and empathize with you.
  2. Whether it’s cheerfulness, sadness, joy or anger, a non-emotional shot will hardly be able to engage. If you want to photograph someone, let them tell their story, feelings always show themselves there.
  3. If you have to photograph a product, make sure that the environment in which it is placed tells what its purpose is and what problems it solves. The world around us is full of stories, and by giving your photographic eye time to develop, you will surely be able to take home some memorable shots.

Take Several Photos To Get The Best

  1. Even the most seasoned photographers who started with the film will tell you that no one has ever taken the right photo on the first shot. There are ten more of the same subject that its author has discarded for every great shot that has made history.
  2. Try moving closer, squatting, or moving left and right – a change of angle may be enough to find the perfect shot. The key to finding your style in photography is to experiment and explore while being inspired by your surroundings.
  3. Then, calmly, you can select the best photo to publish on social networks: a single image that tells your experience.

Edit Photos With Retouching App

  1. Editing photos is an art and a craft: you need eye and technical ability, but, as with everything, you can start from the basics and build your skills slowly.
  2. All iOS and Android phones have built-in apps, which are great for learning the basics of photo editing. You can crop the photo, straighten it, adjust the colors and maybe even the brightness.
  3. The second level is to use all the functions inside the Instagram app that allow a more targeted intervention by adjusting the saturation, the highlights and the fullness of the shadows.
  4. The next step is smartphone touch-up apps like Snapseed and Aviary.
  5. Completely free, they allow the editing of many more parameters and intervene on much smaller details such as the whiteness of the teeth of a smile or the correction of so-called burns, or when there is an entirely white area in a photo.
  6. You have to try the different types of corrections to see which interventions work best for each photo.

Think About The Best Hashtags

Hashtags, i.e. words preceded by the hashtag (#), are the simplest and most effective way to get your audience to find your photo. A hashtag is a quick and easy way to catalog a photo. If you are in the mountains and want other enthusiasts to find your shot of Monte Rosa, #mountain, #montagna, and #monterosa cannot be missing in the text accompanying your photograph. 

From there, you can wander with other hashtags like #passionemontagna or #mountainlife, checking every time you type them how popular and used they are. You can insert up to 30 in the description of each photo, so we suggest always using them all. Then, Internet sites such as Top Hashtag or All Hashtag can help fill those 30 slots with more generalist and trendy tags such as #picoftheday or #igersitalia. 

Alternatively, you can download the Top Tags app for Android and iOS. Hashtags can be used both to attract as many people as possible, as explained above and to speak directly with a smaller group, such as (keeping to the mountain theme). If you are looking for advice or have a shop dedicated to that particular hobby, the hashtags #climbing and #climbing will ensure that you reach the narrowest audience you are looking for. Finally, Instagram users can start from hashtags in their searches and follow them. Placing yourself on the right hashtag can earn you a lot of followers quickly.


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