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AWS Migration Accelerator Program: How To Access It 

The AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) is the program that AWS makes accessible to its clients and accomplices to help speed up the relocation and modernization of cloud applications with an outcomes-based strategy and a clear-cut vital way. Through instruments, administrations, ” best practices,” and preparation, MAP gives extra motivators to specific responsibilities like Windows, SAP, and Database.

Tech Data is one of the (trivial few) accomplices empowered for the MAP drive and can make the apparatuses and reserves given by the program accessible to its affiliates to accomplish movement objectives while diminishing dangers. However, we should go altogether.

How Does It Work?

There is a first evaluation period of relocation status, which distinguishes holes across the six components of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework: business, process, individuals, stage, activities, and security. Following the evaluation, the capacities expected in the relocation are distinguished, and a TCO model is made for the movement project. Mobilize’s subsequent stage includes producing a point-by-point relocation plan, fully intent on revising holes in abilities recognized during the evaluation stage.

This stage extraordinarily speeds up relocation choices by giving clear direction on movement designs that work for their prosperity. At long last, the third and final stage (Migration-modernize) is the actual huge-scale relocation performed through AWS administrations, the AWS Professional Services group, and AWS movement accomplices.

Tech Data Support

Tech Data, an accomplice of AWS all over the planet, has reinforced its proposition thanks to a total scope of counseling administrations for the “evaluation” stage, proficiency for relocating to Amazon Cloud, and figuring out how to oversee the framework. Moreover, through a progression of designated speculations, it has figured out how to build the improvement of abilities to permit Customers and Partners to speed up the progressive change. Also, the Stream One stage for memberships, reestablishments, and charging in the cloud assumes a focal part in empowering organizations to put up answers for sale to the public rapidly and proficiently. 

To wrap things up, Tech Data conveys AWS-explicit preparation ways, including business development appraisal, abilities preparing, and arrangement improvement, which outfit accomplices with the instruments, information, and assets to speed up reception. Of the AWS cloud. Alberto Valivano, Senior Manager Next-Generation Technologies, expressed: ” AWS Migration Acceleration Program is a program that AWS makes accessible to a set number of Partners with demonstrated abilities to ensure clients apparatuses that lessen costs, computerize and speed up the play out the movement to the cloud, give modified preparing content and expert administrations as well as huge AWS speculations. 

Through demonstrated three-stage structure (Assess, Mobile and Migrate and Modernize), AWS, Tech Data, and its Partners assist Customers with accomplishing relocation objectives. Tech Data, in this manner, adds one more part of its proposition for cloud solutions becoming the merchant empowered to offer its accomplices the MAP program, alongside the abilities, administrations, and preparation to relocate jobs to the AWS cloud “.

The Three-Step Approach Of MAP

AWS provides a three-step methodology to help reduce the uncertainty, difficulty, and cost of migrating to the cloud.

Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA) Phase

In the MRA stage, you can measure your ongoing movement availability state and distinguish needs and holes. In light of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), the MRA assesses cloud preparation on eight aspects – landing zone, working model, security and consistency, movement process insight, abilities and focus of greatness, relocation plan, and marketable strategy. It is executed through a one-day studio led by AWS and a MAP Partner. The arrangement is made in this stage to assist with characterizing the degree for the Migration Readiness and Planning (MRP) stage.

Migration Readiness & Planning (MRP) Phase

In the MRP stage, an AWS Professional Services and MAP Partner will team up with you to fabricate the establishment for an enormous scope movement and gain insight into relocating and working a few responsibilities on AWS. The accomplices have fostered a prescriptive philosophy and move toward given best practices gathered from many client relocation projects that fundamentally diminish time to move while bringing down costs and hazards. 

You want to follow an agile methodology with workstreams to set up a cloud functional starting point for the cloud focus of greatness, landing zone, activity model, and security and consistency. You can then continue to foster a vigorous relocation plan and convincing business case that verbalizes the all-out cost of possession (TCO) and profit from venture (ROI) for cloud movement with the assistance of AWS and Partner. This stage is usually finished in 2-4 months, and eventually, you will be prepared to move at scale.

Migration Phase

In the Migration stage, you will execute the relocation plan created during the MRP stage with the assistance of AWS Professional Services and a MAP Partner. A novel part of this stage is laying out a “relocation industrial facility” made out of groups, apparatuses, and cycles to smooth out the development of responsibilities from on-prem to AWS. The industrial relocation facility adopts a cooperative strategy by joining work by focusing on an overabundance of responsibilities in light of movement designs distinguished in the portfolio revelation and arranging process. 

At every possible opportunity, accomplices will apply all the available relocation and functional examples to speed up the development of responsibilities, lessen risk and work on the result. The MRP stage typically requires 12 two years to execute and assists you with rapidly accomplishing the business advantages of lower working expenses, agility, and versatility. Whenever you have moved to the cloud, you can zero in on enhancing uses, cycles, tasks, and costs.


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