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Apple IPhone 13

Everything you want to know about iPhone 13, the new Apple iPhone family for 2021: as usual, we expect it to be composed of at least three elements, the standard model, the Pro model, the Pro Max. The presence of the mini model still hangs in the balance, as happened for the iPhone 12. The new iPhone 13 will officially arrive by autumn 2021, but already from May 2021, we have learned more and more details about the new family at the top of the Apple range. Several news awaits us, with particular focus on the appearance of the display.

Design And Colors

The new iPhone 13 will bring news not only in terms of technical data but also in terms of design. We expect to see a smaller notch than in previous generations. At the same time, the arrangement of the cameras in the rear module could take place diagonally for the standard and mini models. iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max should instead propose a triangle arrangement of the rear photographic sensors. 

As for the colors expected on the market, the new iPhone 13 could go down in history as the darkest iPhone ever. Apple would be working on a Graphite variant corresponding to a very dark gray and another intensely black variant. However, we also expect more vibrant colors.


The datasheet of the new iPhone 13 should include several new features compared to previous generations. Among the most interesting we will find those concerning the display: we expect the adoption of a ProMotion panel capable of supporting a refresh rate of 120 Hz. To summarize, these would be the  display sizes  associated with each model:

  1. A model with a 5.4 ″ display, probably iPhone 13 mini.
  2. Two models with 6.1 ” display,  iPhone 13  and iPhone 13 Pro.
  3. A model with a 6.7 ” display,  iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Among the novelties of the display, we also expect a less evident and more contained notch. The possibility of seeing a return of the Touch ID with an integrated fingerprint sensor under the display remains in the balance. Among the other innovations, there will also be a new processor: it will be a new generation of the A15 chip, which will offer improvements in terms of performance and energy efficiency compared to the previous generation of the iPhone.

From the point of view of the photographic sector, we expect a configuration with a double sensor for the standard model and the eventual iPhone 13 mini. For the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, we hope for a triple camera instead. For the two larger models of the iPhone 13 family, the expected presence of the LiDAR sensor is also expected, which will guarantee significant improvements in terms of performance for low-light and night shots.

From a software point of view, the arrival of the iPhone 13 could be accompanied by the awaited introduction of Always On for iOS. According to rumors leaked online, it will be a mode for the active screen very similar to that proposed by the Apple Watch. All this will also affect the answer to the question: how much does iPhone 13 cost?


How much does iPhone 13 cost? Challenging to say before the official presentation. Rumors circulating online indicate substantial price stability of the iPhone 13 compared to those of the previous generation, although the Pro Max model may be more affordable. Therefore, we can expect a launch of around € 900/950 for the standard variant and to rise above € 1,000 for the Pro variant and above € 1,300 for the Pro Max.


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