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Apple HomePod: Features And Price Of The Smart Speaker

It is small, with a rounded shape but with a top sound impact: this is how the Cupertino smart speaker aims to conquer the sympathies of the world of smart speakers. Apple HomePod mini arrives at the end of 2021. The smart speaker with a voice assistant from Cupertino does not fear comparison with competitors on the market

With Siri, voice assistant already present on the giant’s devices in the sector, this minute but interesting device focuses on sound quality while keeping an eye on home automation, without forgetting privacy: here are its main features and how much it costs.

Apple HomePod Mini, Small And Powerful

It has extremely small dimensions but, despite this, it manages to produce a powerful and colourful sound, even in medium to large home environments. In just 8.43 cm in height and a design with a nice spherical shape, the Cupertino intelligent amplifier contains a proprietary processor, Apple S5, and a particular latest generation software that optimally manages sound reproduction. It’s computational audio that offers HomePod mini owners a top-notch music listening experience to be discovered.

The program starts with the analysis of the music, followed by an optimization of the power to preserve pervasive and, at the same time, crystal clear lows and highs. The sound impulse then passes through the full-range drivers, enriched by a precise neodymium magnet as well as by a pair of force-cancelling passive radiators; this produces a downward flow through the base of the HomePod Mini, giving the listener 360-degree audio.

Apple HomePod Mini Music Is The Protagonist

As can be seen from the manufacturing details, music ranks first on the HomePod mini. This can be understood from the choice already in the design phase to make the device perfectly compatible with all the music services of the bitten Apple, from Apple Music to Apple Podcast, including radio stations and other streaming platforms of external companies. 

To this, then, must be added the possibility of connecting the speaker to the smartphone simply by approaching your iPhone, thus transferring music playback for more powerful and vibrant listening. If it comes to the iPhone with U1 chip, visual and sound effects also take the field, as well as haptic feedback, for a complete user experience that embraces both hearing and sight.

Apple HomePod Mini, Siri And Voice Commands

Regardless of where it is placed in the house, the HomePod mini has been designed to recognize the voice commands given by family members. Through the management program that governs it, the Apple assistant can recognize up to 6 different voices, once memorized through the dedicated procedure. The device provides personalized tips and tricks for each user, then reads messages, reminders and calendar events on their iPhone.

To acquire the voice commands, make the most of the three microphones in the array present in the structure, which are essential to receive the users’ “Hey, Siri” request. To make understanding clearer, even when playing music, a fourth microphone allows you to cancel the sounds coming out from the speaker thanks to its inward position.

Apple HomePod Mini, Privacy Is Safe

The conversation with the voice assistant of HomePod mini is safe, thanks to the management implemented by Apple. Only requests recognized by the device by Siri or after activation via a tap on the touch controls on the top of the device are sent to the proprietary server. Furthermore, all data collected is not shared with organizations or third parties outside the company.

Apple Homepod: Price And Release Date

Apple HomePod Mini, price and compatibility Produced in five different colours, white, space grey, yellow, orange and blue, the smart speaker with an eye for music is available from November 2021 at the price of 99 euros on the official Apple store and in the physical stores of the bitten Apple. 

As regards, however, authorized resellers and telephone operators authorized to sell, the cost may vary. Apple guarantees the compatibility of the HomePod mini with iPhone SE and all the company’s smartphones starting from the iPhone 6S model upwards. As for the other devices, however, Cupertino confirms iPad 5th generation onwards, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 or newer models, and iPad mini four or later with iPadOS 15 installed.


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