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6 Important Things New Mac Owners Need to Know

If you are a new MacBook owner, you should be relatively comfortable using the device so long as you have experience with other operating systems, such as MS Windows.

On the other hand, if your computer knowledge is not that high and you are not confident in your overall skill, expect to take some time learning the basics.

So long as you build a solid foundation and work from there, you should be fine. The question is what the focus should be. The purpose of this article is to cover the most important things that new MacBook owners need to know about.

#1 – Data Backup

First of all, take some time to set up the necessary precautions. One of the priorities is to back up computer data.

For the most part, Time Machine, combined with an external storage accessory, is the go-to method. It leaves room for unforeseen problems because you can use the Mac Recovery Assistant in emergencies and restore lost data so long as it is backed up via Time Machine. In other words, there is an additional security layer to help you out.

Besides Time Machine, you can also invest in additional storage for your iCloud account and move data there. Transferring all the files is not necessary. Focus on those that actually matter.

Clouds are known for their security, so sticking to them as the backup solution is a decent choice.

#2 – Malware and Other Cybersecurity Threats

Do not fall for the false sense of security after reading that macOS is not prone to cybersecurity threats.

While Apple does a great job at identifying and fixing security holes in its OS updates, a lot comes down to the users.

At the very least, you need to have antivirus software running in the background all the time. Such a tool works as prevention by identifying and dealing with computer viruses.

In addition to antivirus software, be mindful of what links you click. Getting redirected to an infected landing page or downloading a corrupted file can infect your computer, and there is no telling whether the antivirus is enough to save you.

#3 – The App Store

Do not be tempted to download applications from third-party sources when there is an official App Store.

Sure, some of these third-party websites might have a nice offer, but you have to be wary of the fact that doing so puts your MacBook at risk.

As a rule of thumb, stick to the official store. It already has thousands of apps available in different categories. Some are free, and some cost money, but that should not come as a surprise.

Finally, keep an eye on updates. If an application has a new version, download and install it at your earliest convenience, so you do not miss out on the latest features and general performance improvements.

#4 – Keyboard Shortcuts

Knowing keyboard shortcuts comes with time. You learn different combinations by using them day to day.

Of course, if you want to get better and improve your productivity while on a Mac, thanks to keyboard shortcuts, then why not take a proactive approach?

Visit the official Apple support websites and look at the list of available keyboard shortcuts. You are bound to find shortcuts that are relevant and should be memorized first.

As for the rest, it is up to you whether you want to bother or not. Generally speaking, though, the more keyboard shortcuts you know, the better your efficiency will be.

#5 – Available Accessories

A MacBook is an excellent device by itself, but there is an option to enhance the user experience even further with the help of available computer accessories.

Apple’s devices are often not compatible with accessories manufactured by other brands, so you need to be careful about what you buy.

Some of the most popular Mac accessories include:

  • External keyboards and mice to replace the touchpad
  • Cooling pads to deal with the overheating
  • Laptop stands to adjust the height of your computer
  • External hard drives and USB flash sticks

#6 – OS Updates

Keep an eye on the OS updates. macOS does not release new versions that often, but when they do, you should get to updating your computer at your earliest convenience.

For the most part, especially when it is a major update, you will benefit from new features that should make your experience even better.

At the same time, macOS updates also add overall performance improvements and security upgrades. As you can see, even if updating your Mac takes a while, it should still be one of the priorities.

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