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YouTube Heads Back To Premium, What Happened

YouTube Has Second Thoughts, No Premium Profile For These Features

YouTube and Google had started tests to make viewing videos in 4k the prerogative of Premium subscribers: the drastic turnaround. Social networks and other web portals launch many tests to evaluate the introduction of new features or changes in the functioning of the platforms. YouTube recently tested a possible difference in video quality and benefits for Premium subscribers. This restriction affected free users, who would no longer be able to view 4k (2160p) videos. According to the latest news, YouTube has decided to take a step back and not change the status. 

YouTube Needs To Give Clients More Explanations About The Premium Membership

Be that as it may, YouTube has not remarked on this, which is why it is questionable whether YouTube plans to obstruct 4K recordings for non-premium clients and make them accessible to premium endorsers. Such an arrangement wouldn’t be unforeseen, considering that YouTube has fewer top-notch memberships than the opposition. In September 2021, YouTube had around 50 million premium and music supporters. 

Notwithstanding, Netflix and Spotify are long ahead of Google’s video administration with 220.7 million and 188 million (separately, in the second quarter of 2022) clients. Notwithstanding, YouTube gets much more cash flow from publicizing than these web-based features. The average premium membership presently costs 11.99 euros each month. The family duty costs EUR 17.99 each month and can be involved by up to six individuals in a family. As an understudy, you pay 6.99 euros each month. Whether clients might want to pay these month-to-month expenses to keep web-based 4K recordings is not yet clear.

YouTube And 4k Videos: A Story That Has Distinct Roots

4k (2160p) videos are a widespread solution these days. This is the format offered by most streaming and video-sharing platforms. YouTube, however, was among the first to use it. It was introduced in 2010, offering users satisfying visual experiences and proving that they have an eye toward the future. From that moment, all users could view the content in 4k for free without subscribing. Recently, however, the platform had undertaken a test to limit the possibility of viewing quality videos in 4k and reserving it only for Premium users. 

If the change had gone through, to access the 4k viewing, you would have had to subscribe to the YouTube Premium subscription, which has a cost of 11.99 euros per month and which allows you to remove advertising, play videos in the background on Android, to download videos to watch offline and that includes the YouTube Music streaming service. Google and YouTube changed their minds, suddenly putting an end to testing.

4K Video For Premium Users: The YouTube Turnaround

The announcement of the interruption of the tests came directly from the YouTube team, which with a Tweet, said that it had decided to end the experiment screwed up previously and to file the possibility of introducing changes on the conditions for viewing videos in 4k. The danger has been avoided for the moment: all users will be able to continue viewing the content while enjoying a quality resolution. The reasons that led Google and YouTube to make this sudden decision have not been stated, but there is no doubt that they could relate to much negative feedback from web users. The latter did not at all appreciate the possible change and the idea of ​​subscribing to a paid subscription to access a feature that has always been free on the platform.

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