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Why Does Video Strategy Help Your Brand?

All the benefits of using corporate videos in the communication and marketing of your business. Do you want to tell me about your brand? Share a message with your audience? But don’t you want to end up in oblivion or, even worse, not get to people? To impress not only on the content front but also on the emotional one and generate a memorable impact on viewers, you can rely on videos.  

They help you with corporate storytelling, with the awareness of your brand, and, of course, with the increase in sales and earnings. In short, a myriad of non-negligible benefits for your business. Let’s go into the discovery of all the benefits that an ad hoc video strategy can offer you. Also know about the genyoutube for downloading videos and songs for free.

What Is Video Strategy?

Quite simply, video strategy is a content marketing tool. It translates into creating video content about your brand, how you work, or specifically about a product or service. Defining a video strategy means deciding which video content to promote, how to communicate it, how often to publish it, and which media to offer to your audience.

All this always keeps your final goal and integrates it with your entire communication and marketing plan. A vehicle with ample potential and in continuous growth. If you still don’t believe us, let’s analyze some data on the results that a video can provide you.

Do Videos Work?

The revolutionary element of content marketing, which was considered the future of communication until a few years ago, is now a reality. More and more solid and still with great potential and possibilities. Videos have become an established and fruitful practice for brands, but they still promise to bring so many benefits.

It is not just a perception of daily experience; try to think about how long you spend each day watching videos from YouTube or other social networks. It is a concrete fact highlighted by The State of Video Marketing 2020 report. Data in hand, here’s what the companies that use video support in their strategy declare:

  1. to have increased website traffic (87% of companies),
  2. an improvement in the permanence of people on the pages of the site (81%),
  3. to experiment with an effective tool for lead generation (83%),
  4. an increase in sales (80%),
  5. a greater understanding of brand activity by users (95%).

And the customers, what do they think? Two facts are enough:

  1. 96% said they use videos to get more information and details on products or services,
  2. 74% said they chose to buy right after watching a video.

With just these few numbers, it is easy to see how videos bring tremendous value to your company, helping you conquer your business goals. And that is why almost all the companies that already rely on this tool will continue on this path. And you, are you sure you want to do without it? Do you want to miss such a positive return for your work and risk being overtaken by the competition?

What Are The Advantages Of A Video Strategy?

The percentages we’ve just seen have already given us a picture of videos’ positive effects on your business. But why are they able to do all this?

Videos Strengthen SEO Rankings

How often have you made requests to a search engine and have a video as a suggestion? Maybe a tutorial or a video about a product. Not only people but search engines love videos as well. They’re 53 times more likely to hit the top positions on the search results page than other content. Of course, we talked about well-structured videos with exciting and valuable content and treated them on the SEO side. 

If you associate the right keywords with your videos, you can give a great twist to your strategy. Therefore, inserting valuable video content on your pages can change your position on search engines and give more visibility to your website, with a consequent increase in traffic. Also, don’t forget that a search engine is dedicated only to videos. You guessed it, let’s talk about YouTube.

Videos Are Instant

The videos are usable, fast, precise, captivating, and immediately attract the viewer’s attention. Don’t forget that the brain works primarily in images. For this reason, the visual impact is always decisive for all of us. A video only adds to the effect that images have on people.

Videos Engage

Closely linked to the immediacy of video communication, we find the involvement of the public. A video is a preferential way to create direct contact and the thrust of an emotional reaction on the part of the viewers. Thanks to a video strategy, your brand can intercept people, talk to them, and build a bond.

Aim for consistency with your corporate identity, emphasize the benefits of your products or services, and use similar language to your audience. So you can create absolute paths to guide users. Keep in mind that, depending on the story you want to tell, the choice of sound and the use of the images will have different effects on those who look at you. So ask yourself how you would like them to react and where you want to lead them 

Videos Build Trust

To grow your brand, trust is essential. Would you ever trust someone you don’t trust? The same goes for your customers. Then trust the videos; they are real support in this field. They help you build relationships of trust and build loyalty.

Think of those videos where you or your collaborators are exposed in the first person, perhaps to explain a service or illustrate a product. What better approach than proposing yourself to give safety to people? If confidence increases, your peace of mind in dealing with a purchase and the possibility of earning will also increase.

Videos Drive Conversions And Sales

Let’s talk about business. We have just thought about how the possibility of earning also increases through videos. This is the most significant potential of videos, converting users into customers and increasing conversions and sales.

Let’s go back to the data seen a while ago: over 70% of users made purchases after seeing a specific video on the product or service. Let’s face it; video works well to convey your content. Imagine adding it to a newsletter or landing page to present a product or offer. You may have a conversion rate greater than 80%. Not bad, right?

Videos Can Go Viral

We always start from the data. What do they tell us in this case? That videos are twice as likely as other types of content to be shared. Yep, that’s right; videos can reach far more people than you imagine, broadening your audience and reaching potential customers you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get. Of course, it’s not straightforward to make a video go viral, but this format always remains an excellent opportunity to expand your business.

What Type Of Video Is Best Suited To Your Business?

If you, too, are thinking of creating your videos at this point, it is good to know that in the perspective of a video strategy, you cannot act randomly, but you must choose based on what most helps you reach your goals. In this sense, not all videos are the same. You can opt for a type in a video strategy or choose more than one multimedia element.  We have collected some ideas for you:

  1. Videos For Social Networks: These messages can be concise, for example a couple of minutes, and essential, as long as they still have their valuable content; 
  2. Video For Content Marketing: These are videos with helpful content for the customer, to be left for free, perhaps after filling out a form to help you do lead generation;
  3. Presentations: Use videos to describe and introduce a new product. You could create a sort of mini online advertising, less institutional and closer to users;
  4. Tutorial: Use these videos to explain to users how to use one of your products; they will be instrumental in helping them in the final choice before purchasing;
  5. Courses and webinars: They are the most interactive way to connect with your audience. Do you want to make your services known or propose your consultations? They are the right choice to talk to customers and answer their doubts.

Start planning your video strategy and introducing videos into your daily communication and marketing practice. Do you already have some ideas? What will you talk about in your first video?


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