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What Is And How To Use Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a perfect editor to streamline your online work. Thanks to an entirely cloud-based system, you have a spreadsheet similar to Excel available for free, 100% integrated with Mountain View services. It’s perfect for anyone who needs a tool to display, organize and manage large amounts of data. Everything revolves around Google Drive, you know? We are talking about the free suite – but with paid profiles for those who need extra space – which allows you to use a series of office tools such as Docs, Forms and Slides. Google Sheets also fits into this balance. Want more information on how to use this valuable tool for web marketers, SEO experts, social media managers and other industry professionals?

What Is Google Sheets’s Definition?

It is a free service – configurable as SaaS, software as a service – made available by Google to create spreadsheets, also called spreadsheets. In other words, documents are divided into cells that allow you to organize data and activate arithmetic-mathematical functions and related graphs. The mechanism is similar to the forerunner of digital spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel.

Then came the models with free code, such as OpenOffice, but it is only with Google Sheets (which can be translated as Sheets) that we have achieved maximum versatility and efficiency in operational terms. Google Sheets puts a worksheet in the foreground containing a table and related cells to enter data in text and numbers, which formulas can influence. Insert formulas through specific functions. But you can do a lot. For example, the simplest is the one that allows you to add all the previous values ​​in a given cell. Here is an example: SOMMA(A2:A100)

How To Access Google Sheets

To use this productivity tool, also perfect for those who work in web marketing, you need a Google account with Gmail. Now, access Google Drive and click on the button at the top right to create a spreadsheet document. You have two solutions:

  1. New file.
  2. Starting model.

In the first case, you start from an empty spreadsheet. Second, you can choose from a series of Google Sheets templates ready for different uses. Such as, for example, annual and monthly budgets, weekly schedules, to-do lists, investment trackers, and so much more. The alternative is to use Google Sheets on mobile. To take advantage of this tool from your mobile phone or tablet, you can download and use the official app available for both Android and iPhone.

Collaborate With Google Sheets

Collaboration is a step that makes the difference between Google Sheets and Excel or other alternative programs that allow you to create spreadsheets. With Mountain View, you can collaborate with one or more people in addition to having a tool for organizing and processing table data. This can take place both deferred and simultaneously. This means that you can work on the sheet, and, at the same time, someone you have given collaborators access to can also do it. Specifically, you can permit access to strangers via email, and you can decide in what role, as a simple reader or with the ability to edit or leave comments.

How To Use Google Sheets

What can you do with this productivity tool that is also very famous in web marketing? The uses are practically endless. You can use this tool in a thousand ways. This is thanks to the possibility of taking advantage of ready-made templates and opening Excel files without problems. There are four innovative ways to optimize Google Sheets: I use this tool in my daily work in web performance and website optimization.

Management Of Editorial Plans

Many bloggers, web copywriters and SEO experts use Google Sheets to organize publications to launch on personal or corporate blogs. But why is the spreadsheet editorial plan so popular? Simple, you have well-organized and shareable planning of publications. Specifically, I use this utility to have all the valuable information for managing the content to be published orderly.

The cell system that arises from the meeting between columns and rows allows you to put the different information in order: article title, author, category, target, and objectives. I also manage the automation with specific scripts that allow you to send automatic emails with helpful information, such as a monthly summary, draft delivery alerts or article publications.

Advanced Analysis Of SEO Tools

Google Sheets is also perfect for those involved in technical SEO and analyzing data from tools like Search Console, Google Analytics and Screaming Frog. These utilities allow you to extrapolate a mountain of data for scans, errors, placements and visits to the website. You can use Google Sheets spreadsheets to bring order to this data jungle.

Also because here, you have the opportunity to use mathematical functions to organize and clean up data. For example? In addition to the classic data cleanup from repetitions, you can add to filter data in the spreadsheet based on a true or false condition. For example, this formula: =IF(A2>2000,”YES”,”NO”) matched to a column allows you to match an affirmative or negative opinion if the cells exceed or not that value.

KPI Monitoring Of Projects

Anyone who works in web marketing knows how vital KPI analysis and monitoring are, the key performance indicators that allow you to evaluate whether an activity is moving in the right direction. By inserting the numerical values ​​of these indicators in specific Google Sheets, I can activate a virtuous process. After identifying the main KPIs of a project, I enter the data (for example filling in the contact form). With specific rules, I create alerts if the numbers are lower or higher than a certain threshold. So we can run for cover or analyze the reasons for success. Furthermore, it must be added that Google Sheets is perfectly integrated with all Mountain View services, and each data download takes place in CSV, Excel or directly on Google Docs.

Integration With Locker Studio (Formerly Data Studio)

Do you know Google Data Studio? It is a perfect platform to present customer data with interactive, clear, complete screens. In my report management job, I generate a spreadsheet with Google Sheets to integrate with Locker/Data Studio. The goal is to combine this platform with various sources such as Google Analytics, Search Console and Google Ads. Can’t you do it without a spreadsheet? Of course, they are fruits of the same tree. However, some correlations are not automatic and can only be created by generating customized spreadsheets.

Google Sheets let me get the result. Also, in this case, the automation work can be seen: customers can automatically receive alerts to be informed of the evolution in progress. And the same goes for the other team members, who can automatically read any updates and intervene where necessary. This is especially useful during holidays or weekends or when you need extra support.

The Advantages Of Using Google Sheets

I chose to exploit the potential of this tool because it is perfectly integrated with other Google tools, is always online and allows you to create unique collaborative synergies.

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