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WeChat Work For Companies

WeChat is a messaging application with the typical functions of social media: here’s how companies can take advantage of it. Social media, instant messaging applications, platforms with numerous more or less complex functionalities for video calls and conferences: many solutions can be found on the web to communicate with people near or far in real-time, designed for individuals and businesses of all dimensions. 

Companies that facilitate conversations within the workplace make teams more productive and communicate with customers are always looking for new software to use. WeChat Work is making more and more space among the social platforms adopted within work and professional contexts. This is the corporate version of WeChat, the Chinese users’ main communication channel.

WeChat: What It Is

WeChat is a service that allows users to communicate with each other through text and voice messages. It was launched on the market on January 21, 2011, by the Chinese company Tencent. Especially in China, it achieved enormous success and was soon made available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian and Windows 10 devices. It has spread worldwide and is present in multiple languages, including English, Spanish and Italian. In 2021 it reached and exceeded 1.20 billion monthly active users (according to data from Statista). It is not a simple, instant messaging application, but it incorporates features typical of social media.

WeChat’s success was favored by the inability of the population to access other social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. In addition to the ability to send text and voice messages, you can make video calls with your contacts. It is possible to switch from video conferencing to a conversation with audio only, according to your needs. Using the application and the device’s geolocation, people nearby can be identified, send a request and start texting. It is a feature that encourages online and offline interactions and meetings. Like others on social networks and on WeChat, you can share photos, videos, your geographic location and different types of content. 

It provides essential editing tools, which allow you to make small changes to images before showing them to friends and family and making photo albums and journals. Attentive to user safety, WeChat allows you to create blocklists to enter all accounts. The latter will no longer be able to interact with those who have decided to block them. Many versions of WeChat have been developed over the years to provide users with solutions for every moment and need of their personal and work life. WeChat Pay allows you to make secure economic transactions. WeChat Mini Programs is a feature that will enable you to insert mini-apps belonging to the news, games, entertainment and e-commerce sectors into the platform.

WeChat Work: The Ideal Solution For Companies

On WeChat, companies can find many useful features to achieve business objectives and communicate with work teams, suppliers, customers and stakeholders. In 2016, a version of the application specially designed for commercial activities and organizations was launched: WeChat Work. WeChat Work is a valuable application for all companies that want to invest in commercial activities in China since it is the main communication channel used. By registering on WeChat and creating official accounts, brands can communicate one-to-one with all users on the platform and listen to their questions, advice and criticisms. 

Through the presence of the application, they can promote the products and services offered, increase brand awareness and encourage interactions. WeChat allows you to launch highly effective advertising campaigns toward a large and well-targeted audience. Companies can open different profiles if they are companies or organizations registered in China or use a third-party Chinese license. The Subscription account allows you to share your content daily and one push message daily. The Service account offers customization services and the ability to open a shop on the platform. With Mini Program, you can access advanced features such as e-commerce and games, and with WeChat Work, you can increase companies’ internal communication and customer relationships. 

WeChat Work can be used through a separate app and on a personal computer. In addition to the classic functions of the platform, it allows you to make appointments, create product catalogs, share documents, do Human Resource activities, track and manage vacation days, and reimburse expenses. To access the application, foreign companies can take different paths. You can register a WFEO company, but it is a time-consuming solution. You can use a third-party Chinese license, pay a verification fee, or use international support, subject to limitations on some advanced features.

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