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The 7 Best Productivity Apps On iPad

To provide these two fundamental elements to each user, some developers have created apps that allow you to increase productivity, organization, and feasibility of cases thanks to a series of necessary functions. In this article, we’ve rounded up 9 of the best productivity apps for iPad.

Todoist: To-Do List And Planner

This app can become your manager, thanks to which your work activity and life, in general, will become organized and productive. Here you will also be able to motivate yourself and train your willpower to work and get things done. This app is used by more than thirty million users worldwide who entrust their tasks to the manager through the Todoist system. First, you can create your personal and work agenda by week, day and time.

Also, a reminder system will send you a notification to remind you of some important matters. Also, you can synchronize this app account with other Apple applications, such as Reminders, Calendars, Mail, and many more. Todoist has ready-made templates for work projects, standard accounting, and so on, which you can use to streamline your work. Among other things, in this app, you will be able to create a visual agenda to your liking, highlighting priority activities and creating a real to-do table.

In addition, you will be able to view the visual organization templates of the main screen with an agenda and use them. This application increases productivity in personal and work affairs by creating an atmosphere of organization and attention in any matter, as well as thanks to convenient functions that allow you to control any activity.

Focus Keeper – Time Management

This application is a unique tool for learning time management. Each user will be able to make their day much more productive thanks to the simple process of implementing some temporary sessions, within which the main activity will take place. You can configure all time slots yourself or use standard session templates. The essence of these work sessions is that you will have to choose the number of time intervals, for example, half an hour, and the breaks between these sessions.

As soon as the time comes, the application makes a call and automatically starts the timer on the home screen of your mobile device. During the time allotted by the timer, you will have to concentrate as much as possible on the task at hand and complete it until the time runs out. At the end of the work session, the pause timer will start. After four or five work sessions with short breaks, you can rest for more – than twenty to thirty minutes.

This system will save you from overwork and help you complete cases on time. The calls that the app will issue as an announcement of the start or end of the timer, you can choose them yourself by loading any song or melody on the app or choosing the sound you prefer from the app selection. In addition, there is a very simple user interface, which you can independently change using the fill function, color palette, or different themes.

Productive – Create Habits

This application is a tool that can change your life by introducing useful habits and organizing your working day and daily life. Here you can find motivation for yourself, create a work schedule, acquire new habits and monitor their implementation through statistics and tables. This app is also interesting because you can read scientific articles on the psychology of work capacity, get inspiration from interesting cases and habits, and put them into practice in your life.

Using this app, all your actions will be tracked and combined into a single picture of your personal and work progress, which can be viewed as a text report, diagrams, and graphs. In addition, you can share your progress with users worldwide and compete with them on the number of objectives completed. Each habit you will read in this app will be accompanied by a description that will allow you to understand how following this habit will be useful and what impact it will have on you.

Also, you can participate in motivational cases that will help you deal with failures and laziness. In addition, Productive has a reminder system that will notify you of upcoming cases, habits to complete, and so on. These reminders can be configured according to time and place: enter the addresses of your work, your home, or your sports hall into the system, and every time you find yourself at a certain address, the application system will send you the necessary reminder.

Markup – Highlight And Annotate

This application is a salvation for those whose work is inextricably linked with writing texts, for example, for students, office workers, etc. Here you can read any documents and work much faster without wasting time on unnecessary information. Every function of this application can be reconfigured according to your personal goals. One of the main features of the Markup app is that you can upload your desired file with any text here; the app system will automatically analyze it in seconds and highlight it for you, reporting the key points of the text on a separate sheet, so you don’t waste time reading useless material.

Also, before analyzing each text, you can enter keywords or complete sentences into the system that must be considered important in the analysis. In this application, you can edit any document and file, even in collaboration with other users, by sharing a link with them with access to the edited file. Plus, you can sync Markup with other apps on your mobile devices, like reminders, calendars, and more. Here you will be able to analyze all the texts, independently highlight the important sentences, and insert them in another sheet to get a more informative text.


It is an application for the detailed analysis, creation, and editing of various documents, tables, and diagrams. It increases productivity, allowing you to create documents of any complexity with any data much easier and more Interesting. In this application, you can use dozens of templates to create tables, graphs, charts, texts, illustrations, presentations, and more. Furthermore, Numbers also work with numbers and calculations, which you can perform here, and the results will be automatically inserted into the necessary tables.

Here you can also collaborate with other users by sending them a link with access to the edited file. Also, in each file created or edited with any content, you can add illustrations of different formats, both created directly in this app and downloaded from other sources. This application is known for its colossal collections of different templates, which include chart templates (there are dozens of columnar, but also linear, etc. variants), diagram templates with any number of parts and percentages that you can modify according to your size and color, table templates with any number and size of cells, any presentation slide with ready-made fields for text, graphics and images, and much more.

Tips & Tricks

This app undoubtedly increases productivity at work and everyday life, as it is a complete guide for any specific app, website, gadget, or article. Here you can find information about all the innovations that will become indispensable for your work in the future. This application publishes news about the latest innovations in applications, websites, and developments of companies engaged in the technology sector.

There is a very convenient search bar, thanks to which you can find both a specific application or website and the applications necessary for your requests simply by entering a set of necessary functions into this search bar. In addition, this application contains a description of each site and application, which includes reviews from professionals, specialists, and other ordinary users. Among other things, this application contains a selection of fascinating and useful life hacks tested by users.

For example, you will be able to discover new features of the apps you already use or try new sites that suit your business thanks to a series of cutting-edge features. In addition, this app contains information about iPad functions with each update: this means that you can learn to use your mobile device in new ways and increase your productivity by using functions previously unknown to you.


This application can increase efficiency and productivity thanks to many tools with which you can create documents, tables, graphs, and reports with particular ease, precision, and, of course, originality. In the Pages application, you can find many standard document templates of various types, such as sales contracts, accounting records, contract data, and standard schemes, tables, and graphs.

Enter text into the appropriate cells using these templates, and your document is ready. Additionally, this app can sync with other apps on your iPad and other devices connected to a shared iCloud. Thanks to this, your documents will be automatically transferred to Pages.

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