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Studio: The Multichannel Platform

The all-new Esendex Studio multichannel platform makes discussions among organizations and clients captivating. Pick your clients’ favored channels and speak with them on the equivalent.

What Is The Studio Multi Channel Platform?

The Studio multi-channel platform permits you to have discussions with clients utilizing numerous channels, like SMS, WhatsApp and RCS, to offer a more prosperous and intelligent substance. Utilizing pictures, recordings and source of inspiration buttons (motivate), it will be feasible to include clients and increment process changes. An ever-increasing number of clients depend on texting applications for their correspondence, even towards organizations, producing an expansion in the interest for multichannel communications. 94.4% of web clients utilize versatile informing, a sharp increment (+92%) contrasted with 2020.

How To Best Use The Studio Multi Channel Platform?

The following tools are part of the omnichannel platform, which organizations can use in Studio to connect with their clients better and have significant discussions.

Multichannel Chat

The new multichannel Chat function accessible on the Studio stage ensures better open doors for cooperation among clients and the organization using different correspondence channels simultaneously, like SMS, RCS, and WhatsApp. Subsequently, it smoothes out the Customer Service management processes since it permits the administrator to deal with different solicitations simultaneously, decreasing holding up times on the telephone and offering more quick client help.

Besides, the natural history of the discussion with the client is consistently noticeable and permits you to continue the exchange with every one of them whenever. At last, a control choice changes how quickly new discussions are begun.


We create tailor-made bots, situated to develop client support further and coordinated with our foundation, ready to give client help through programmed cooperation continuously, all day, every day. One advantage of chatbot reconciliation is diminished functional expenses by up to 30%. Chatbots assist organizations with making their group more productive, for instance, by permitting them to effectively deal with the most continuous and low-need demands, in this way liberating staff to zero in on additional essential activities.

Rich Messaging

Enriching messages with pictures, recordings, rich cards, and media content makes a drawing in and complete insight, working with potential client maintenance and changes. Utilizing channels, for example, RCS and Whatsapp, construct one of a kind and customized client experience. This is because clients will likewise have the chance to participate intelligently simultaneously, for instance, by adding a suggestion to their schedules or getting headings to the store nearest home.


Esendex identifies the best channel accessible for every beneficiary and combines it towards a solitary application so administrators can speak with clients productively and rapidly. For instance, RCS on Android telephones and upheld networks; Apple Business Visit where conceivable. All channels ensure 100 per cent inclusion because of SMS’s programmed backup choice (auxiliary choice).

The decision of which are the best channels to utilize will be affected by variables, for example, the significance for clients of one channel contrasted with another, the enrollment of an RCS profile, the ownership of endorsed layouts for WhatsApp Business or which contact strategies and data are accessible to the beneficiary of the correspondence.


Improved Message Reliability

Direct connections to all major networks. Messages will be shipped to beneficiaries utilizing the most ideal that anyone could hope to find the course.

Greater Security

We are ISO27001 certified to ensure our clients that their information is dealt with most securely.

Sending PDFs And Attachments

A PDF can be connected to an instant message with only a couple of snaps. When sent, it is shown to beneficiaries as a connection notwithstanding the underlying message.

Two-Way Conversations

Two-way chats through various channels permit administrators to deal with numerous discussions whenever.

Easy To Use A Dedicated Interface

Fast upload of customer data to customize and connect with messages in the shortest possible time.

Division Into Teams

Production of groups to allot discussions showed, for instance, to recognize and suitably oversee demands for help or deals.

Template Archive

Option to save your most used text templates for quick reuse at any time.

Identification And Verification

Check clients’ characters before moving the discussion from the bot to the administrator.


Manage Multiple Conversations

The administrator can deal with numerous solicitations while using SMS, RCS, WhatsApp or different channels.

Improved Customer Experience

Improving messages with pictures, recordings, postcards, and other mixed media content makes a drawing-in and complete client experience.

Integrated Tools

The arrangement is essential with a set-up of implicit elements and requires no extra applications.

Centralized Messaging

A solitary and down-to-earth connection point to oversee discussions that stream from various computerized channels. In addition, visit history makes it simple to hand off between colleagues.

Reduction Of Waiting Times On The Phone

Additional opportunity for your client assistance staff, which increments business productivity and diminishes client standby times.

Smooth Messaging

Esendex identifies the best available channel for every beneficiary and unites them into one application.

Identification And Verification

Verify users’ identities before moving the discussion from the bot to the administrator.

Easy-To-Use Web Interface

They are quickly transferring client information to make customized and connecting with messages in the briefest time.

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