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Smash, The App To Share Files Without Limits

Sharing files of different sizes, for personal or business reasons, is a daily need for many people: here’s how to do it with Smash, an app without limits. Creating team content, sharing large files, and sending them to colleagues for review and monitoring: those who work in digital marketing know well the importance of finding a good service that allows the fast and secure sending of documents, images, videos, and other small or large material.

Not everything can be emailed. Inboxes limit the size of attachments to avoid slow-downs or forwardings that end up in the spam category by mistake. When developing a digital marketing strategy, it is good to have a clear understanding of the tools to share the content necessary to work without problems. The web offers numerous solutions, and among the best, Smash stands out.

Smash: What It Is

Smash is a practical, light, and limitless application. It was born from the analysis of a problem felt by many: the high cost of file sharing services and their difficulty of use. This has led many workers to look for different solutions, but they are not always safe for the company or, worst case, damage its image. The goal was to create an easy-to-use, free or affordable tool for advanced features. With Smash, companies and employees can access an efficient, ad-free, simple, secure, and fast service.

Smash was created in April 2017 by Olivier, Romaric and Rémi Gouedard-Comte, and Timothée Fleury in Lyon. From the start, it allowed companies and public organizations to send documents and multimedia material to the recipients. The files are stored on a server and made available to users via a download link. Smash quickly spread. It has more than 100 thousand daily active users, about 8 million files sent monthly, and more than 10 thousand consumers who have chosen paid plans. In 2018, given the immediate success, the first plans designed for work teams were launched. Features have been added for professionals and businesses. A few years later, infrastructure was also installed in Europe and North America.

The files are stored on the server closest to the user: about nine are located worldwide. To meet all needs, an application for mobile devices has been created. It can be downloaded for free on all devices equipped with an iOS or Android operating system. It is simple and intuitive to use. Users have shown that they particularly appreciate this solution; at the beginning of 2021, the downloads were about 200 thousand. Smash is high performing. File delivery is fast and can exceed five times that of competing services. This is favored by localized storage near the server closest to the user. 

The essential use of Smash is free. You can send large files without having to make any payment. To access advanced features, such as the ability to customize communications with the logo and brand colors, you need to access one of the plans that require a subscription. The cost starts at $ 8 per month. Security is high. Transfers can be protected through a password, and files can only be made available for a short period decided by the sender. The company adopts several engineering tools and practices to protect access to personal data, using sophisticated encryption techniques.

Smash: How To Share Files From Desktop

Sending files with Smash is simple. Access the service’s official website if you use a personal computer and want to start the procedure from the desktop. On the first main page, click on the button in the center of the screen to send a file and hold down for folders. Afterward, a window opens in which you will need to select the file you want to send by locating it on your device. Once the file has been added, a new screen will open, where it will be possible to insert different elements. By clicking on [+], you can add other files or folders. 

To send, there are two ways: to use the email or to generate a link to be sent personally to the recipients. In the first case, you need to enter your email address, that of your contacts, a subject, and a message. By clicking on the gear icon, you can select the expiration date, add a password, set a notification for each download made, preview the file, and change the design and the waiting message. To generate a link, you need to enter a title to make the transfer easily identifiable, personalize the link and indicate your email address. If you wish, you can ask recipients to enter their email addresses before downloading the file – it’s an excellent way to expand your mailing lists and follow the download of transfers.

Smash: How To Share Files From Mobile Devices

After downloading and installing the application, log in to start the file transfer. Next, you need to allow Smash to access photos, media, and documents stored on your mobile device. Tap the button in the center of the screen to select the file you want to send. Once located, click on ‘Ok’ and then on ‘ share.’ It will be possible to share the link with external applications, such as Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, Gmail, and many other services. Whoever receives the link can start the download of the material by clicking on it.

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