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Showcase Internet Sites: What They Are

Showcase Internet sites are nothing more than a site used to present a company or a commercial or institutional activity. They are beneficial, especially for those realities that do not vary over time and have little clear information to highlight. It can be used by large and medium-sized enterprises and small businesses such as restaurants, pizzerias, companies, artists, artisans or professionals who use it mainly to be found on the net.

The Opportunities Of The Showcase Internet Sites

Unlike brochures, showcase websites are treated the same as offline business presentation tools. If treated differently, however, they could achieve critical objectives for a company because they have some advantages:

  1. adaptable at any time
  2. they can be positioned within search engines with an SEO activity
  3. scalability, in the sense that they can be expanded and can provide additional services in the future
  4. they are connected to an email address
  5. give the importance of professional business management

Showcase Internet Sites: The Added Value Provided By Our Web Agency

The showcase Internet sites that our web marketing agency offer also have other surplus values:

  1. they are responsive, therefore, clearly visible on all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile phone)
  2. particularly cared for from a graphic point of view
  3. they have within them various tools necessary to capture the customer’s attention
  4. clean from a programming code point of view
  5. “Enrichable” and easily adjustable (for example, updating offers or products)
  6. SEO optimized for an essential positioning within search engines (we have an internal SEO consultant )
  7. are provided with the hosting service, database and email (up to 5 emails)

The personalization of showcase websites is one of the peculiarities we try to provide to each customer. First, we try to understand the company’s style, character, personality and brands to grasp its essence and transform it into a programming code. Each site will have different characteristics, layout, graphics and content from the rest to make our client’s online presence unique. The difference is often given by the quality of the content inserted and the company’s services and products. In addition, we always let you choose from multiple layout possibilities through our web-building system.

Editable Showcase Internet Sites

The creation of showcase Internet sites may involve an update phase after the site is put online. This is why we create showcase Internet sites that can be modified in every part (layout, graphics, and content). This possibility allows you to correct the area based on the customer’s unexpected needs. The same modification occurs thanks to a web-building system that easily allows content movement from one part of the site to another.

Contact Systems

When we create showcase Internet sites, we also think of the best ways to make contact with site users easy. The tools that can be used in this sense are numerous, but above all, it is necessary to check the following communication path: who and how they respond, in what time, and in what ways. Therefore, our work starts with understanding the people’s roles and tools. Chat, click phone, messenger, form, chatbot … are all systems we can adopt and insert within your showcase website.

SEO Optimization Of Showcase Websites

Thanks to the presence within the web agency of one of our SEO consultants, who specialized in this activity with seven years of experience, each website we put online has different degrees of SEO optimization. Since SEO optimization work is a challenging and lasting job, we have foreseen some steps aimed at the investment possibilities of each company. It starts from a basic level. However, always guaranteed up to a top job for indexing a few dozen pages based on precise and detailed upstream analysis.

Hosting, Database And Email Service

To provide a complete 360 ​​° service, most showcase Internet sites we create are managed from a purely technical point of view. In particular, based on the needs and potential of the site, we will also identify the necessary hosting, database and email service. By default and except for special needs, we have a close relationship with Aruba Business, which guarantees us reliability and ongoing assistance. But for special projects, we turn to different partners. Furthermore, the website assistance service can fix any technical problem related to the website itself.

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