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New Business 2022: The Entrepreneurial Activities Of The Future

The world pandemic that hit from the first months of 2020 due to the new Coronavirus Covid-19 has certainly had a strong and negative impact on the entire world economy, and especially on some countries that already had a market and an unstable economy or with not very innovative business models, lagging in terms of digitization and technologies.

The loss of turnover, the closure of companies, and the generalized crisis and the emergency will have an impact that will continue into 2021. However, this does not mean that all sectors and businesses will negatively impact the two years 2021 – 2022. The market is full of new earning and business opportunities for those who can identify and seize them.

In this article, we will see some business ideas that have continued to be successful in 2021 and profitable activities ahead of 2022. In addition, for aspiring entrepreneurs in certain innovative and successful ideas, we will also see a lot of new business ideas for 2022, which will surely respond to concrete market needs, both in the B2B and B2C sectors.

Home Delivery

Home delivery has been the sector with the greatest growth in 2021 due to the closure of physical activities and the need for people to maintain social distancing and make their greater security purchases (without either crowding file). Food delivery was again the sector of home deliveries that stands out over all. However, there was a significant increase in spending on home delivery ( grocery delivery ), drugs and para pharmaceuticals, pet products, gifts, alcohol, etc. Home delivery will be an excellent market to invest in also for 2022.

E-Commerce And App

Together with home delivery, the entire e-commerce market has also grown in parallel, particularly mobile e-commerce (from smartphones), for the same reasons, customers’ needs, and the same benefits offered by the home. Delivery. Even companies that did not have an e-commerce site or a dedicated APP had to adapt and reconvert to sell their products online. 

Also interesting are the e-commerce and mobile APP businesses that offer their space as a showcase for all the locally affiliated businesses that do not have their channels (just like a food delivery APP). These sectors are also a good investment for 2022.


E-learning has become an important need for companies, training activities, schools and universities, and public bodies. In this situation, the distance and virtual training businesses (language schools, coaching for entrepreneurs, business consulting and training activities, and so on) have grown, but also all the activities that develop APPs, technological tools, software, and products to facilitate training and distance learning, both for companies and individuals.


The activities that offer sanitizing services for surfaces, objects, and environments are certainly not new, however “thanks” to the global health emergency, they have suffered a sudden increase in demand, with a consequent significant growth in their business and turnover. 

Also, in 2022, the sanitation and sanitation sector, especially with 100% natural tools such as steam and ozone, will be a good investment as hygiene standards will plausibly be the new normal, especially for public places and commercial activities with an influx of important customers.


The PPE ( Personal Protective Equipment ) is not only a requirement but a real obligation for the assets most at risk and those with a large number of people or large recycling. As in 2020, IPR can also be a new and successful business for 2021 as it responds to the needs of a new normal. 

In addition to the online / e-commerce sales channels of PPE, products such as masks (disposable or reusable and washable), sanitized gels, disposable gloves, clothing for healthcare workers, disinfectants, and so on can also be offered with another sale without staff and H24 like vending machines.

Hi-Tech Products

Along with the need for digitization and technological advancement, a booming sector in which to invest for 2022 is product technology and hi-tech. There are countless new opportunities and innovative businesses in the sector in which to invest, from virtual reality viewers to tools that use artificial intelligence, from robotics to smart-watches capable of detecting interpersonal distance as well (to maintain social distancing. For example, in the workplace), up to electric micro-mobility vehicles.


A sector that is not new but that in 2021 exploded its potential, managing to be one of the few truly “anti-crisis” businesses. Even in 2022, investing in the cannabis sector is a winning bet. The possible formats are innumerable (e-commerce, vending machines, sale of light marijuana, CBD veterinary products, food, cosmetics, etc.).

Virtual Reality

With the advent of 5G, virtual reality will certainly take a step forward in 2021. Investing in the sector could be a winning idea that looks to the future. Among the new businesses to consider are entertainment activities, video games with VR, training with VR in specialized environments, and many others.

Digitization And Innovation

One of the new businesses to invest in in 2022 is consulting services for companies specializing in innovation and digitization. Commercial and professional activities must evolve together with market trends, meeting a profoundly changing market and new consumer needs. The B2B activities of digitization and innovation form the entrepreneurs and staff in the field, help improve the organization and infrastructure, provide tools and software, improve or create social channels and e-commerce, and so on.


Not only has 2020 been characterized by smart-working, but this practice will be increasingly applied by Italian companies in the future (abroad, it is already a consolidated habit). Together with the “from home” workers, the demand for dedicated spaces to work, outside the home, with all the comforts of a space in which to maximize one’s concentration, will also grow exponentially. 

In this sense, an excellent business to invest in 2021 will be co-working spaces dedicated to those who work from home but (for convenience or the absence of a suitable space in their home) prefer to rent a private office or a desk. In a shared space already complete with everything (compliant workstations, internet connection, etc.).


Electronic and virtual currencies are increasingly used around the world. With the increase in people who invest in cryptocurrencies, the need for ad hoc services such as the exchange of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies with traditional money or payment systems designed for companies and retailers who want to include cryptocurrencies as a payment method for their customers. In 2021, investing in the sector is a good entrepreneurial bet and an innovative and profitable business idea for the future.


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