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Lost iPhone Or iPad? Here’s How To Find It Again

Misplacing or losing an iPhone or iPad is frustrating. But thanks to where? The app, you can find them again. With its app and, simultaneously, the network “Where is?” is an incredible asset: the gadgets don’t need to be online to be found. It’s enough if someone with an activated Apple device comes by nearby.

iPhone Owners Help Each Other: This Is How The Location Search Works

Now it is sufficient that Bluetooth is activated and secondly that other users’ Apple devices on which iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 are installed are at least temporarily within range of their Bluetooth connection. In this case, the app “Where is?” sends the location signal via Bluetooth to other users’ nearby devices. 

Requirements For Finding iPhone Offline: How To Find My Lost iPhone Or iPad

They then forward it to Apple’s servers via your Wi-Fi or cellular connection. On the one hand, the forwarding takes place without the respective iPhone or iPad owner noticing anything. On the other hand, the corresponding signals are transmitted in encrypted form. Of course, nobody else can conclude the whereabouts of your device or that of the other owners – not even Apple itself, by the way. The best thing is the “Where is?” network is released for third-party manufacturers. Some have already integrated their smart Bluetooth trackers into it. The Airbags from Apple are, of course, also included. 


For the search to work via the Where is the app, the device you are looking for must be switched on, and Bluetooth must be activated. Another Apple device (Mac, iPhone or iPad) with macOS Catalina or iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 installed is also required. It would help if you were signed in with your Apple ID on both devices. To be able to find your iPad or iOS device again, make additional settings in the Where is app.

Open “Settings” on the relevant device. Tap on your Apple ID and then on the entry “Where is?”. Don’t forget to turn on the “Share my location” setting. Otherwise, the offline search mentioned at the beginning is not possible! Incidentally, this also applies to the nearby Apple devices of other users. This function must also be activated there. So please leave them switched on at all times.

How Do I Find My Lost iPhone Or iPad?

To locate a misplaced or lost device, do the following on another Apple device: Launch the Find My app. Tap on the “Devices” entry at the bottom. A list and a map of your devices will now appear. You can already see how far away the device is (in km), where it is currently located and when the last location was determined. Tap on the desired entry, and you will receive further information and options.

If you suspect the device to be in your vicinity or surroundings, you can “play a sound” on it to locate it more precisely. An email will also be sent to your email inbox (iCloud) that this has happened. You can also display the “Route” on your device or send a message to the device. This shows, for example, the name and contact details of the owner, i.e., yours. Last but not least, if the device is lost, it is possible to “mark” it as “lost” or wipe it remotely so that the device and data do not fall into the wrong hands.

The Where is app has numerous other functions, such as searching for friends, which can only be used if those people want it and share your location. Alternatively, you can call up the “Where is” function in your browser via iCloud. Visit the iCloud website and sign in, then launch “Find iPhone” in a browser. Even if the name suggests otherwise, you can use it to search for all your Apple devices.

Notify When iPhone Or iPad Is Left Behind

If you have an Apple Watch, you can set up your iPad or iPhone so that you cannot lose the device in the first place. Find My will notify you on Apple Watch that you left your devices in a strange place. You can make the setting or the reminder when leaving the vehicle in the “Where is?” app. To do this, tap on the “Devices” area and select the desired gadget.

Below the areas with “Sound” and “Route,” you will find the setting “Notify me when left behind.” If it’s not already enabled, tap on it and slide the top slider to Green in the window that appears. The developers have also thought a step further: the system suggests places that can be excluded from the warnings.

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