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How To Use Pixlr, The Alternative To Photoshop

You don’t necessarily need Photoshop to edit a photo professionally: you can use Pixlr, a valid free online photo editing application. Photoshop is considered one of the best photo editing applications, but you need to have technical skills in photo editing to use it. In addition, it presents other problems. First of all, it’s not a free app. Anyone who wants to use it must sign up for a subscription. Secondly, it doesn’t have such an intuitive interface for the novice. Photoshop is intended for an expert audience who knows how to juggle functions.

Those who need a free and easy-to-use online alternative can rely on Pixlr, a web-based application. The only thing you need is an internet connection. Pixlr can boast two different versions based on the level of changes the user wants to make to the images. Once on the main screen, you can choose between the Pixlr X version or the Pixlr E version.

The first is intended for an audience of newbies, users who are beginners or who are interested only in essential modifications. Pixlr E is designed for those who have a more profound knowledge of photo editing systems and require more advanced features. Let’s see the differences between the two versions and all the features of Pixlr.

Pixlr Function Guide

  1. By entering the service’s main page, you can choose between Pixlr X and Pixlr E.
  2. Pixlr X’s description promises quick and easy graphics, while Pixlr E is an advanced photo editor. Both offer the possibility to create projects starting from the many templates present in the platform. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the user can animate each graphic with a few clicks and remove the background perfectly. You can create collages and transform your photos with spectacular filters and effects.
  3. You can use Pixlr for free or access the paid version. Before deciding, you can start a free trial of the Pro version that allows users to understand if it is really of interest to them or not. Go to the bottom of the main page and click Start my free trial to log in. Choose to Get started now on the page that will appear to start your 30-day free trial period. You will need to log in with your email or with a Google, Facebook or Apple account, and that’s it.

Pixlr X, Graphics For Beginners

  1. If you decide to access Pixlr X, the platform’s homepage will be elementary, intuitive and stylized. You will find the main menu on the left, divided into five macro-boxes. The Home box corresponds to the homepage on which you find yourself and to which you can return by simply clicking on the corresponding icon at the top of the menu.
  2. The History box allows the user to see all his works and projects. Attention, the function is only available if the user has registered on the platform. By clicking on the Template box, you will have access to all the models offered by the platform: from the Instagram post to the flier for the sales, Pixlr has thought of all tastes and needs.
  3. With Images, you can choose some images to be included in your project. Just type in the search bar at the top of the topic or object you are looking for, and many results will appear. Going to Updates will open a new window with tutorials, tips and tricks suggested by the Pixlr team.
  4. Finally, by clicking on the + icon inside the blue circle, you can upload a photo from your device and edit it.

Edit The Image

  1. Once you have chosen the photo, you will have a new menu on the left. Pixlr X allows you to organize and stylize, add animation, and insert text or an element or image.
  2. Going down is the Crop and Rotate tool, which allows you to crop portions of the image and change their angle. You can adjust the colors and characteristics of the photo, including lights, details, scene and tone.
  3. The user can apply photographic filters and effects, certain thin portions of the image, and retouch imperfections. Finally, he can give space to creativity by drawing directly on the image or using a glitch, focus, and dispersion tools.

Pixlr E, How To Use Advanced Graphics

Once on Pixlr E, the initial page will be the same as Pixlr X’s, with the maxi boxes on the left. After clicking the + icon, the screen will change to add a new photo. On the page that opens, you will immediately see the differences: two menus and a navigator menu on the right. The menu on the left is the tools to edit the photo. From top to bottom, you will find Organize, which allows you to change the image and size of the box and transform and change the layer settings. There are also essential functions such as different types of selection, animations, and the ability to insert text or elements within the image.

Each feature offers different options, some more detailed than the X version. If you want to add an image, you will see that some have the chaplet symbol next to them: they are the paid images or available with the Pro version. The user can adjust the colors of the image, add filters and apply the automatic corrector, insert black and white on a portion of the whole idea or give a pop tone to the photo. You can change any image parameter: vividness, saturation, temperature, color and hue, for example.

The Scene tool lets you reduce haze or add a bloom, glamor, or vignette effect to your photo. If you are not convinced of the outcome of the changes, compare with the original by holding down the Compare command. You can always go back by clicking Reset. Pixlr E also has a menu at the top that allows, among other features, to access the different image layers and modify them. To work on this function, a part of Photoshop, choose the Layer menu and click on the desired option. In the Navigator menu on the right, you will see all the changes and make further changes.


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