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How To Take Beautiful Photos With Your Smartphone: The Ebook

Smartphones are now equipped with real cameras that allow you to take professional shots: the guide to taking beautiful photos with your phone. Nowadays, smartphones are equipped with sensors and cameras that have nothing to envy regarding precision and quality reflex cameras. Whether it’s an iPhone of the latest generation or an Android device, the cameras of the phones offer features that, combined with the apps and artificial intelligence algorithms, allow you to obtain professional results. Taking digital photos is always easier: here’s what you need to know to take beautiful pictures with your smartphone.

Compose The Photo With Your Smartphone

The first step to taking a great photo with your smartphone is correctly composing the image. This means choosing the right light, avoiding overexposure or underexposure, not abusing the digital zoom, and having reasonable control over the focus. Taking a good photo is not enough to take: you have to have taste, choose the best shot, take into account the rule of thirds, and also select the proper perspective.

Photographing With The Smartphone: The Tools

Smartphones are tremendous compact cameras, but some tools can help you take great shots. In some situations, especially when a steady hand is required, a tripod is an indispensable and light tool to always carry with you. For those who want perfect selfies, the advice is to use ring selfie lights with adjustable brightness and convenient support. In digital photography, formats are also important, such as RAW, from which to start applying filters and retouching with photo editing. However, you must never exaggerate with the latter: the risk is to ruin a beautiful photo by inserting effects and exaggeratedly adjusting contrasts.

How To Take Beautiful Photos With Your Smartphone: Tips

Each photo is different, and each condition requires a different approach to evaluating the photo’s light, composition, and tools. Whether you want to take a nice photo in the rain or immortalize the stars and the moon in the night sky, you must choose the best camera mode on your smartphone and follow some simple tips. The same goes for taking photos of fireworks, landscapes, perfect selfies, HDR images, and even panoramic, 360-degree, and 3D pictures.

The Best Photo Editing Apps

One of the significant advantages of taking pictures with your smartphone is the ability to immediately perform editing, even if not very elaborate, directly in the Camera or Gallery app. If the effects and filters of the pre-installed apps aren’t enough, there are tons of photo editing apps, both free and paid, to download to your phone. From Photoshop Express to Snapseed and PicFrame: with a few taps, you will get the professional result, with the shot ready for sharing on social networks or printed.

Set The Flash Correctly

Don’t abuse the flash when taking pictures with your smartphone. The basic logic must be to make the most of the natural light available. Moreover, the LED flashes of smartphones are often positioned very close to the lens, which leads, in some cases, to over-illumination of the subject. These are those shots in which the issue is so illuminated that it is not visible. A striking example is an image below, in which the flower in the foreground is totally “burned.” The result may not necessarily be considered satisfactory even if the flash allows not to over-illuminate the subject in the foreground. In fact, in the first shot below, the faucet of the fountain appears with shades that turn orange, different from the real ones.

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