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How To Split The Screen Into Two Parts On Android And iOS


Might you want to part the screen on your Android gadget? Assume your cell phone or tablet is refreshed to Android 11 or a later form. You will be glad to discover that you can do this by exploiting the Split Screen highlight that Google has executed in the latest builds of its versatile working framework. To part the screen on an Android gadget, press the performing multiple tasks buttons (the square symbol, which is typically situated at the base right or base left, contingent upon the gadget setup).

Find the applications you need to open in Split Screen mode and press the symbol of the two square shapes put on the card of the picked application. The application referred to will open and take up a piece of the screen. In the “free” part, notwithstanding, you will, in any case, see the Android performing various tasks, from which you can pick the second application to be put close to the primary: press on it to open it, and that is it. You can then, at that point, “split” the screen involving the divider in the middle, assuming you need. 

On a few Android gadgets refreshed to Android 11 Marshmallow or significantly more outdated adaptations of the “Large G” versatile working framework, impromptu capacities have been incorporated by the different OEMs (e.g., Samsung) that permit you to isolate the screen in two. To check that such a capacity is upheld on your gadget, contact the producer of your cell phone or tablet to request clarifications in such a manner or run a short pursuit on Google utilizing questions, for example, “[device name] split-screen work. “


Even on iOS, it is possible to divide the screen in two using the Split View function (which we told you about in the chapter dedicated to macOS), available for iPads updated to iOS 15 and later versions (the process is not present on iPhone). The Split View function should not be confused with  Slide Over. While the first allows you to divide the iPad screen in two, the second will enable you to view a reduced window of another open app, which “covers” the application open full screen. 

We also remind you that Split View is available only on the most “powerful” iPads from the hardware point of view (from iPad Air 2 onwards). Having made these necessary clarifications, let me show you how to best use the Split View function:

  1. First, open one of the two applications that you want to occupy a part of the screen.
  2. Swipe from the bottom up to recall the Dock.
  3. Press on the icon of the app you want to place next to the one you have just opened, drag it to the right or left side of the screen (until you see a portion of the wallpaper set on your iPad), and release it.

As you can see, the open app will occupy the desired portion of the screen: to adjust its size, press the divider and move the black line to the left or right, depending on the viewing mode you prefer. To exit Split View mode, press and hold the dash located at the top of one of the two open apps and swipe down to access the Slide Over method. Please note that some apps may not support the Split View function.

The Split View function is also available on Safari, which can help place two Web pages side by side within the “made in Cupertino” browser when the iPad is in the landscape or horizontally (if the iPad is in vertical, you can take advantage of this feature). To call up the function in question, open two web pages on Safari (press the + button and type the site address in the Safari address bar), make a long tap on one of the two open tabs, and then drag it to the right or left (whichever you prefer) and release it: the two web pages will be placed side by side.


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