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How To Send Secret Messages With The iPhone Notes App

The iPhone Notes application allows users to send secret messages. How this setting works, and how to configure it correctly. For some time, there has been a trend that sees the iOS Note App as the protagonist: several users would use it to send shared notes on the iPhone. Of course, the application was not developed for this purpose, yet it allows sharing of text files. A little forethought and creativity can make it a messaging platform in all respects but, above all, unsuspected compared to the classic Signal, Snapchat, and Telegram.

What Is The iOS Note App?

The application is nothing more than a simple digital notepad, which the user can use at will to take notes, make a list of things to buy, make expense reports, and much more. All rather essential functions have been present on most smartphone models since immemorial. Yet, with the implementation of the collaboration function, Note allows the sending of messages and secrets that can be read and modified in real-time. Theoretically, multiple users could also have private conversations, keeping contacts away from traditional channels. 

Notes, a simple digital notepad can become an unsuspected messaging platform, even if there are no guarantees of privacy and security. There is a fundamental difference with the official messaging applications: anyone among those invited to the “chat” can delete messages without leaving a trace, reply to the conversation and even modify its content. In a context like the present one, where a large part of daily communications takes place digitally, a trick like this by Note could be risky, especially since every message deleted or modified will remain so.

How Do Shared Notes Work On An iPhone?

To use this particular function, first, you need to start the application and compose the text, clicking on the button at the bottom right to create a new note. Once the message is ready, it will be possible to share it, adding another user as if it were a collaborator; by doing so, this person will be able to read and modify the contents of the Note. Just click on the three dots at the top right to add someone and click on “Share Note.” In the sharing options, all appropriate permissions must be granted and, if necessary, check the box to prevent collaborators from inserting other users in the Note. Note’s collaboration feature allows you to add multiple collaborators to your Note, creating a real-time messaging platform. 

Once you have adjusted all these settings, you can share the secret message link. iPhone offers several sharing possibilities, including SMS, email, messaging applications, via social networks, and by copying the noted link. After sharing, the user on the other side of the screen will have to accept the invitation, open the link, and start editing. All participants in the conversation will see the changes made in real time but will not be able to intervene and restore what has been done. Also, whenever someone edits the Note, users will be notified; in this case, it is impossible to keep track of the history of changes. As if it were a shared document, each participant will be identified with a color; so you can easily trace who typed what.

It is important to note that this mechanism works between Apple devices and cannot be extended to other operating systems; access is also reserved for Apple ID holders only. Note Secret Messages are exclusive to Apple devices and will not work on other operating systems for the time being. Remove the participants from the Note if you want to send a secret conversation. By clicking on “Manage Note” at the top right and going to the “View participants” section, you can remove access to the content for other users; in this way, they will still be able to see the messages, but they will no longer be able to edit them. To permanently delete the secret message, delete the Note from your device.

How Does Privacy Work In Secret Messages?

A note is not an application designed for messaging; theoretically, it could be the ideal place to keep “compromising” conversations safe. However, being unable to benefit from the modern systems of protection and encryption of conversations, these could potentially be exposed to risks, especially in the event of an iCloud intrusion. Deleting the messages sometimes could obtain a result similar to brief notes. They disappear after a certain period, but it is certainly not the most convenient way to have some privacy. 

Those who want more discretion can quickly resort to canonical messaging applications that offer services specifically designed to clean up uncomfortable messages. In this way, in addition to having more functionality, it will not even be necessary to use these cumbersome procedures every time. A note could expose private conversations to prying eyes and make them unable to rely on advanced encryption and security systems. Among the most used applications on iOS, we find Snapchat, Telegram, and Signal.

  1. Snapchat is available for Android and iOS and allows you to securely send videos, photos, and text messages, thanks to a feature for deleting files after opening. The App guarantees complete removal of sent messages, even deleting them from the server. 
  2. Telegram is available for iOS, Android, and PC. The famous App born from the same mind as WhatsApp allows you to set a time for any message. When the timer expires, all files will be removed from any device that received them. 
  3. Signal Private Messenger uses end-to-end encryption to protect sent messages; it is designed to be fast, safe, and reliable. It is available for Android and iOS.

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