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How To Send Large Files?

Whether it’s to send them to a friend or for work, sending large files is always an unknown factor. Too large sizes are not supported even by simply sending an email due to attachment size limitations. For this, you need to use a web tool that allows you to send large unsupported files.

Best Solutions For Sending Large Files

Some of these tools that I will show you have a very intuitive interface and allow you to know the moment the other person receives and downloads the files, to be entirely sure that the documents have arrived at their destination. Thanks to these tools, We can assure you that your large files will be able to reach the recipient easily, quickly, and safely.


It is the most popular and immediate way to send a document or a photo. WeTransfer is a 100% free service that allows file sharing up to a limit of2 GB. To do this, you need to connect to the site and click on Start. At this point, you can add the files by clicking on the + symbol and entering the email addresses of both the sender and the recipient. 

The recipient will receive an email from which they can download the files to their PC or device, while the sender will first receive a thank you email and an additional email when the recipient downloads the files. The link received by the recipient has an expiry date. The files can only be downloaded within seven days from the sending of the Transfer.

Transfer Now

It is compatible with all devices, computers, smartphones, and tablets. With Transfer Now, you can customize the file download link and send it to your contacts or share it on social networks. A guest user can send large files up to 4GB but 20GB with membership. The availability of the download link is seven days in the guest package and increases up to 30 days for premium customers. Furthermore, there is the possibility of storing files in a cloud memory.


It is a highly professional tool. It has a lot of features: storage in an online space, sharing in Teamwork, linking multiple addresses, password protection for your transfers, and you can share even with just one team member. You can allow recipients to read and edit documents or just read them with no expiration period. In addition, you will be able to have previews of the images thanks to the gallery function and share up to 100 GB, even in multiple files simultaneously.

Google Drive

If you have a Google client account, sending large files is possible via Google Drive. This is not a natural download but a cloud file sharing. It means that you can share documents with other people and decide whether to allow them to edit or not. The files will remain on the Drive or be downloaded to the device. The sharing notice does not expire and arrives via email.


It is perhaps the most used storage service in the world. While its primary purpose is to archive, it also includes sharing files up to 2GB. It needs to be downloaded to your device and is compatible with Windows, OS, and Linux. Once you’ve created an account on Dropbox and upload your files to a folder, share it with an email address.

Microsoft One Drive

Store up to 5GB of files online at no cost. You can use it directly from your Outlook or Hotmail mailbox by uploading files from your device. Again this is an online storage cloud.


Mega is an excellent web tool suitable for storing and passing large files, a must. Once you have created an account on Mega, you can decide whether to use the online space and share it. Uploading files is effortless via drag-and-drop, i.e., simple dragging. Once the file or folder has been uploaded, you can click on Get Link. You will be able to share the content encrypted or free.


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