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How To Recycle Your Android Smartphone And Why To Do It

Properly disposing of your smartphone or giving it to charity is not the only option. There are creative ways to breathe new life into an unused cell phone. Every citizen annually produces nearly 15 kg of WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment), namely smartphones, computers, televisions, and other small and large household appliances.

Globally, the total exceeds 50 million tonnes and is set to increase. The problem is that everything that contains chips, sensors, cables, and screens needs special treatment to be disposed of. Furthermore, precious metals such as gold, silver, and palladium are found in this waste: every year, 320 tons of gold and 7,200 silver are thrown away. How to dispose of our old smartphones, which are replaced every two years on average, sustainably and effectively?

Sell ​​It Or Store It At A Collection Point

First, make sure you reset your device to factory settings. Since mobile phones are electronic waste, they must be disposed of in ecological islands and the appropriate WEEE centers. If you wish to receive compensation, you could turn to online sites that allow you to sell a used smartphone, one of which is called Swappa. A popular service in the States is that of eco ATMs, automatic vending machines that use artificial intelligence to evaluate the smartphone and make a cash offer for scrapping.

Trade It In, Recycle It Or Give It To Charity

Most OEMs accept trade-ins of old smartphones, which they will take care of reusing or recycling to reduce the cost of a brand new one. If you want to recycle it, Decluttr is a great option that picks up the devices directly to your home. Your device will be inspected, and you will receive compensation in return. In addition, several charities accept mobile phones as donations to help disadvantaged people or to raise money from them for life-saving projects. Unlike recycling, upcycling allows you to reuse your device to create a higher-quality product, real or perceived.

Choose Upcycling

One of the most popular ways is to turn it into a music player, alarm clock, or device similar to a baby monitor. Many applications on the Google Play Store include My Alarm Clock Free and Baby Monitor & Alarm. Many smartphones have an infrared blaster that can be used as remote controls for TV, Blu-Ray, streaming, or satellite devices. But also as surveillance cameras when you are away from home. Services like Manything allow you to stream live video from your old phone to your new one, set up motion detection features, and send voice messages.

Taking advantage of an old Android smartphone is an excellent alternative to the expensive cameras that record road disputes and dashcams. You can record HD video, track GPS signals, and check live road cameras. If you use Google Maps on an old mobile phone, you don’t need a data connection to use it as a navigator. You can conveniently download the areas that interest you and take advantage of each native function in offline mode. Here’s how to prepare your old phone before handing it over for recycling or refurbishment and resale to another consumer:

  1. Clean It Thoroughly:  Do not use cleaners that contain ammonia, which includes most window cleaners. Use alcohol instead.
  2. Back Up Your Data Completely:  Check your phone manual online and follow the exact procedure for backing up your data.
  3. Perform A Proper Reset: A factory reset will delete approximately 95 percent of all personal information on your phone.
  4. Take Out SD And SIM Cards:  Remove all SIM, SD memory, and other cards you may have added to your phone for additional memory or functionality.
  5. Make A Note Of The Model Number: If you do not know the model number, call your operator.
  6. Try The Essential Functions: Does everything work? Check the backlight, charging ports, volume control, touchscreen, power button, and camera, and if there are any dead pixels on the screen.
  7. Delivery For Recycling Or Refurbishment: Inform the organization you deliver the phone to about its general condition. They usually test essential functions to make sure it is in good condition. If not, tell him to recycle it. If it’s in good condition, make sure they give you credit for a trade-in or trade-in on your account.

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