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How To Create A Curriculum Vitae With Canva

Canva is an excellent online tool for creating different types of images and posters and creating original and interesting CVs to get noticed: here’s how. Canva allows you to create many personal or professional graphics and documents, starting from scratch or using one of the many templates the application makes available. Everyone can use Canva immediately: the app is user-friendly and allows users who do not have graphic bases to make the most of it.

Among the many graphics, the curriculum vitae cannot be missing. Canva is the app of choice for thousands of people looking for a job worldwide. It is the fastest way to create professional resumes. Thanks to over four thousand projects and templates present, users can choose the curriculum that best suits their personality and their work sector and skills.

Design Effective CVs With Canva

To create a resume on Canva, you must first log into the app. Then open your browser and go to the Canva website or the desktop or mobile application, depending on the device used. Log in by typing in your credentials or create an account if you don’t already have one. You can use your email, Google account, or Facebook profile to register a new account. Once on Canva, search for Curriculum Vitae Templates among the proposed templates or type curriculum in the search bar: a new screen will open where all the templates will appear. 

To choose from hundreds of models, drag down the bar next to the models on the left. You can choose the type of layout that suits your case and personality or opt for a model dedicated to a specific sector, such as marketing, acting, art, or graphics. Some models also allow you to highlight some of your skills with graphs and tables. Once you have chosen the template that best suits your position, you can customize it with the Canva editor tools. You can change the font, color, and text by clicking on it and selecting your choice. 

In addition to the layout management, Canva users can cut the photo to insert in their resume, straighten it or apply specific filters to make it more transparent and professional. If the chosen model does not have it, you can add frames, borders, and all the elements you want to add to your project. Finally, once ready, you can print your resume in high quality with Canva Print, also taking advantage of free shipping. If, on the other hand, you want to have the curriculum only in a digital version, you can download the project by clicking on the arrow icon that goes down at the top right.

Choose From Thousands Of Professional Templates

With Canva, you can save a lot of time: you no longer need to find your way around all your personal information, the formatting of your resume, and the choice of suitable fonts, colors, and graphics. The program allows users to avoid this stage by offering many free templates to browse, customize and download.

Each template is fully customizable: from text, font, colors, and elements. You can change a text, insert an additional element or delete one that does not correspond to your experience or application. With just a few clicks, you can create a template that suits your needs without wasting time imagining a new template and working on a document already designed by Canva.

Choose From Hundreds Of Character Combinations

Once you have chosen your favorite model from among the many resumes in the Canva library, it may happen that one or more characters in the model do not like them. Canva allows users to change the font of the texts as well, choosing from the hundreds of characters in the library. Just click on the portion of text you want to change and click on the stylized arrow symbol next to the font at the top left. 

A menu will open from which the user can choose the font they like best. If you have a premium account, you can also choose to insert a font from your company kit. You can change the size and color of the text, insert bold, italic, an underline, or an effect, including shadow, neon, and blank.

Access Your Resume Project On Any Device

Once you have created an account on Canva, all projects are available from any device. Just log in to the mobile app from the desktop, enter your credentials on the website, and click on All projects to have all the previously created graphics at your fingertips. It must be remembered that the free account offers 5 GB of available cloud space, while the Pro plan offers 100 GB and the Enterprise an unlimited cloud space.

Customize Your Resume With The Canva Editor By Dragging And Dropping

One of the most exciting and characterizing features of Canva is drag & drop, i.e., the possibility of inserting an element into the project only by dragging it from the bar on the left of the document. In this menu, we find all the images and elements that can be inserted into a Canva document. Drag & drop allows you to dragline geometric shapes, graphics, photos, videos, charts, tables, and frames.

Share And Download Your Project With Just One Click

Once the whole project has been defined, the user can share and download it effortlessly. Clicking on Share at the top right will open a window where you can type the email of the user to whom you want to send the document. You can also decide the mode, choosing between edit, use as a template, or view. Click on the arrow symbol at the top right to download the document. 

A new window will open, where you can choose the format you want to download the project, the dimensions, and whether or not to insert the transparent background or compress the file. If you have a premium account, these two options will be immediately available, while if you use a free account, you will need to purchase them. At this point, you can download by clicking on Download.

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