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Hidden In Your Android Phone: Handy Features

Google’s Android operating system runs on the majority of smartphones in the world. However, many of the great features of the Google operating system are well hidden. In this article and the video, we will introduce you to five tricks for your Android smartphone that will make using it easier.

Google’s mobile operating system, Android, has gained numerous great features over the years and is now so versatile that some helpful functions are lost. In this article, we will introduce you to five hidden Android functions that can make using your smartphone even more convenient or, if in doubt, even increase the likelihood of you getting your cell phone back if it is lost. 

Start Your Smartphone Camera Immediately With A Button Trick

Snapshots have to be quick. Often, scenes or situations only last a few seconds, and the opportunity is lost. But Android allows users to access the camera anywhere within half a second. It doesn’t matter whether the smartphone is locked, you are playing a game, or you are writing a WhatsApp message. 

To quickly access the camera, you must press the power button twice in quick succession. The camera starts immediately, and you can start taking pictures right away. Note: Huawei also has this feature. However, to activate it, you don’t have to press the power button twice, but rather the volume down button. This function must be activated in the camera app for the first time.

Use Two Android Apps At The Same Time

Android offers the option of running two apps in parallel. This means that one app takes up the top half of the screen, and the second takes up the bottom. This function is efficient on smartphones with large displays. For example, you can watch a YouTube video and chat on WhatsApp simultaneously. To activate the function, go to the recently opened apps view. From here on, activation differs depending on the Android version.

  1. Up to Android 8 Oreo: Press and hold an app and drag it to the blue area at the top of the screen. The app will then minimize itself so that you can select the second app. Click on this, and both apps will run in parallel.
  2. From Android 9 Pie: Click on the app icon at the top of a recently used program. In the menu that now opens, click “Open in split screen view,” the app will then minimize itself so that you can select the second app. Click this, and both apps will run in parallel.

Make Calls On Android With Just One Click

A direct dial shortcut might be helpful if you call a person repeatedly. This shortcut behaves precisely like an app on the home screen. If you click on this shortcut, a contact you have specified in advance will be called directly. 

This saves you from visiting the phone app and the contacts you last called. To set such a shortcut, open the widget view and scroll to the Contacts app widgets. Here, you add the “Direct Dial” widget. After placing it on the home screen, you can select the contact you want directly. If you now click the shortcut, the contact you specified will be called directly immediately.

Put Android Apps In The Foreground

If you give your smartphone to someone else to show them something and are afraid that person will open other apps and read private data, you can pin an app. The currently open app remains in the foreground and cannot be quickly closed. If you now want to leave the app again, you will land on the lock screen and have to enter your password. Only then is the app unlocked, and other apps can be opened again. Activation differs depending on the Android version used.

  1. Up to Android 8 Oreo: Press and hold the back and recent buttons on the navigation bar simultaneously. You are now in a pinned state.
  2. From Android 9 Pie: Open the recently used apps view. Click on the app icon at the top of a recently used program. In the now-open menu, click “Fix app,” and it will fix itself automatically. This functionality applies to all types of navigation on Android.

Create A Finder Message On The Lock Screen

The last function helps if you fear losing your cell phone and want to leave a message for a potential finder. This means they can find a way to contact you even if your smartphone is locked. To add this message, go to Settings and click on the “Display” item. You select “Lock screen display” and then add a message from yourself under the “Lock screen message” item. You can see these immediately on the lock screen.

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